1,000 wins in his career, the coach who won the WS in 2008…I had a stroke

Charlie Manuel, 79, the manager who led the Philadelphia Phillies to the 2008 World Series title, has suffered a stroke.메이저사이트

Manual managed the Cleveland Indians (now the Cleveland Cavaliers) from 2000 to 2002. He took the Philadelphia job in 2005 and won 780 games as a Phillies manager before being fired in mid-2013. If you include his time in Cleveland (220 wins, 190 losses), he finished his managerial career with a respectable 1000 wins, 826 losses, and a .548 winning percentage.

Charlie Manual replacing Cole Hamels as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies. Getty Images

Starting in 2007, Manual led the Phillies to five consecutive fall ball championships, and in 2008, he led them to the World Series (WS), beating the Tampa Bay Rays four games to one. His command of the organization was so strong that franchise legends like Chase Utley and Cole Hamels looked up to him like a father figure. Since Manual’s departure, the Phillies have made the postseason just once (in 2022), last season.

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