‘119 Firefighter’ Shin Dong-guk extinguishes pro fighter Yeo Je-woo’s flame…with a punch TKO win

“Firefighter Fighter” Shin Dong-guk, 42, snapped a four-fight losing streak by knocking out a professional fighter.

Shin Dong-guk scored a punch TKO victory over Yeo Je-woo (32) at 2:51 of the second round in a lightweight tournament reserve 메이저사이트 bout at Gupne Road FC 064 on Thursday afternoon at the Wonju General Gym in Gangwon Province.

With the win, Shin, who debuted as a fighter in 2015, snapped a four-fight losing streak and improved to 4-5 in his mixed martial arts (MMA) career.

Yeo, who fought for the lightweight title last December, was unable to defend her professional pride and fell to 5-3.

Wearing trunks emblazoned with the 119 logo, Shin Dong-guk came out swinging from the first round. He didn’t shy away from exchanging punches and took Kisun down, then got on her back and attempted a choke.

She barely made it to her feet, but was immediately followed by a barrage of hard punches from Shin Dong-guk. Panicked, she tried to reverse the position with her leg joints, but Shin’s hammerfists hit her in the face. Taking the blow, Yeo released her grip. After the first round, Shin threw his hands up in victory.

In the second round, Shin didn’t shift gears. He countered with powerful punches. Yeo was busy circling the cage and dodging. In the clinch, she conserved her energy for a while.

But in the ensuing exchange of blows, Shin Dong-guk, who had also conserved his energy, threw a flurry of punches. Eventually, the referee stopped the fight and declared Shin Dong-guk the winner. Shin celebrated his victory with a big salute.

“This is my first professional fight and I’ve been fighting for almost eight years, but my record of 3-5 was too low,” Shin said after the fight. “I’m glad that I was able to show my fireman fighter side again with this fight today,” he said, emphasizing that “my challenge will continue”.

“I’m a firefighter by profession, so I’ll do my best to wish the public a safe and happy life,” he added.

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