’19-year-old’ world-class MF, eventually going to Real… Ransom worth at least 220 billion won

Jude Bellingham (19, Dortmund)’s transfer to Real Madrid is getting closer.

The British BBC said on the 4th (Korean time), “Real is negotiating with Dortmund for the signing of Bellingham. Real wants to have Bellingham for 100 million euros (about 150 billion won), but Dortmund wants 150 million euros (about 220 billion won). Price negotiations are ongoing.”

Bellingham is already a top-notch midfielder, even at the age of a teenager. He exerts influence in the midfield with his excellent technique and passing ability, and shows off pressure through dribbling depending on the situation. He also extracts points from momentary penetrations of the box.

Bellingham played for Birmingham in the 2019-20 season before moving to Dortmund the following season. At the time he changed his uniform with Dortmund, he became the most expensive 17-year-old player in the world at £25 million (approximately 42 billion won). Also, despite only playing for one season, Birmingham expressed their gratitude by making Bellingham’s uniform number 22 permanent.

After moving to Dortmund, he began to show off his skills in earnest. Belium’s performance continued in the Bundesliga as well as in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). In particular, last season, he was in charge of midfield as the England national team for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The battle for Bellingham was fierce. Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and all the big clubs wanted Bellingham. In the end, the final winner was Real Madrid. As transfer fee negotiations are underway, it is expected that he will wear a Real shirt next summer.

Real, which has excellent midfield talents such as Eduardo Camavinga (20), Aurelien Chuameni (23) and Federico Valverde (24), is trying to form the best midfielder by recruiting Bellingham.


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