Will Mookie Betts (31, LA Dodgers), who was placed in the lowest rank when mentioning the most likely candidates for the National League MVP, make a turnaround? Scores have been on the rise lately.

Betts recorded a batting average of 0.298, 34 homers, 86 RBIs, 101 points, 136 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.394 OPS of 0.989 in 117 games until the 21st (Korean time).

Accordingly, Betts’ slash line is on the verge of breaking through the 30% batting average, 40% on-base percentage, and 1.000 OPS. All three fields are recording the highest this season.

This is thanks to the recent blowout explosion. Betts is currently on a nine-game hitting streak. He also hit in 17 of 18 games held this month.

grades are amazing In 18 games this month, Betts recorded a batting average of .409, 7 homers, 18 RBIs, 20 runs, 29 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.462 OPS of 1.250.

In particular, in the last 6 games 온라인카지노 for the past week, he flew with a batting average of 0.500, 3 homers, 6 RBIs, 7 runs, 11 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.522 OPS of 1.431. Betts was there at the moment of LA Dodgers victory.

In the meantime, Ronald Acuña Jr. (26) and Freddie Freeman (34), who were mentioned ahead of Betts in the MVP nomination, suffered a decline in performance while maintaining the status quo.

Acuna Jr. posted a batting average of 0.280 and an OPS of 0.877 over the past week, while Freeman bowed his head with a batting average of 0.160 and an OPS of 0.490.

As a result, Betts is being evaluated for significantly reducing the gap between Acuña Junior and Freeman in the MVP competition. In particular, Betts is on the verge of a career high in the home run category.

There are now about 40 days left in the season. Both Atlanta and LA Dodgers had 123 games until the 21st. If all 162 games are played, there are 39 games left.

Unlike the American League, the competition for the National League MVP, which is relatively fierce, should be seen as a true start from now on.

If Betts is named National League MVP this season, he will achieve the feat of winning both leagues. Betts was named the 2018 American League MVP.

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