‘3 players 10+ points’ Sungkyunkwan University defeats Hanyang University in full set to end losing streak

Sungkyunkwan University broke out of its losing streak.

Sungkyunkwan University won a 3-2 (20-25, 25-23, 25-18, 17-25, 15-12) set victory over Hanyang University in a qualifying match for the 2023 KUSF Volleyball U-League at Sungkyunkwan University Gymnasium in Suwon, South Korea.

Sungkyunkwan University was in an unfamiliar place on the leaderboard, ranked eighth (1-3, 5 points) and Hanyang University ninth (1-3, 4 points).

Both teams were desperate for a win, but couldn’t come up with the perfect lineup. Sungkyunkwan’s Bae Ha-joon and Hanyang’s outside hitters Bang Jun-ho and Kim Kwang-hyun were both sidelined with ankle injuries. Sungkyunkwan was also without Eddie, who had to travel to Mongolia for a while due to visa issues.

Sungkyunkwan University was led by Kim Jae-min with 23 points, Lim Min-ho with 16 points, and Bae Soon-hoo with 12 points. In particular, they took a 7-4 lead in serves and shook up Hanyang’s reception. Meanwhile, Hanyang University had 17 points from Lee Hyun-jin, 16 points from Jung Sung-won, 12 points from Kim Hyung-geun, and 10 points from Lee Jun-young, but it was not enough to prevent the loss.

From the start of the first set, Hanyang University’s blocking was on full display. This, coupled with a series of Sungkyunkwan University errors, gave them a big lead at 6-2. However, Sungkyunkwan University gradually narrowed the gap. Kim Tae-won’s serve shook Hanyang University’s reception, and they scored consecutive points to pull within 9-10.

The tie was difficult. Hanyang University scored an attacking point and a blocking point to take the lead again at 13-10. Sungkyunkwan University’s errors became frequent again, and Hanyang used the opportunity to extend its lead to 17-11.

Eventually, at 20-13, Hanyang University reached the 20-point mark for the first time. Then, Lee Hyun-jin’s serve put them on set point, and they won the first set 25-20.

The balance of the second set was not easily broken. Both teams exchanged the lead and fought for a point. In the middle of the set, Sungkyunkwan University’s concentration was ahead. A clever play led to a Hanyang attacking error, and Sungkyunkwan increased the score to 17-15.

The two-point gap didn’t last long. Hanyang’s one-point server Ko Young-jun shook the Sungkyunkwan University reception line and quickly tied the score at 18-18. He didn’t stop there, scoring a service point to make it 21-18.

Sungkyunkwan University was equally entertaining with its one-point server, tying the score at 22-22, and earning a 24-23 set point with a block. Sungkyunkwan University then scored back-to-back points to level the set at 1-1.

The third set was dominated by Sungkyunkwan University. When Hanyang University interrupted Sungkyunkwan University’s attack, Sungkyunkwan University responded immediately. The score was not easily broken as Jang Harang added a service ace. Another Sungkyunkwan University block made it 10-8, leading to a Hanyang University timeout.

After exchanging points with errors, Sungkyunkwan University gained momentum and went from 11-10 to 15-10. They didn’t stop there. They scored one more time to reach the 20-point mark at 20-11. The icing on the cake was Kim Tae-won’s service ace, which brought the set score to 2-1.

Sungkyunkwan University continued the momentum from the previous set. They scored back-to-back points at the start to take the lead. Hanyang University, pushed to the brink, did not back down. Lee Hyun-jin scored an attacking point to make it 10-9. A Sungkyunkwan University error added to the score 토토사이트.

It showed a different atmosphere. The temperature on the court was significantly different, which affected their performance. Eventually, Hanyang University won the fourth set and the match went to a fifth set.

From the beginning of the fifth set, both teams exchanged points through blocking. After an unfortunate error on Hanyang’s court, Sungkyunkwan University took control of the atmosphere and the score.

Eventually, Sungkyunkwan University took the court change at 8-5. Hanyang University’s breathing continued to be unsteady, and Sungkyunkwan University took advantage of this to further widen the gap. Toward the end, the gap widened further, and Sungkyunkwan University was the first to reach the 10th point at 10-6.

Later in the set, Sungkyunkwan University drove a wedge in the match with a service ace by Lim Min-ho. With match point at 14-12, Sungkyunkwan University ended the match with an attack by Kim Jae-min.

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