3rd anniversary ‘Keria’ Ryu Min-seok “22 World Championship finals, I remember the most… T1 is still not close to winning”

“On the 3rd anniversary of my debut, I will continue to grow as a player to repay the interest of the fans.” On the 8th, the first round of the ‘2023

LCK Spring’, T1 vs. Brion, ended at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul. .

On this day, T1 defeated Brion 2-0 and maintained first place. T1 was T1. Although he was embarrassed by Brion’s potential, he soon regained his mood and led the game to victory.

Celebrating their 3rd anniversary of their debut, Min-seok “Keria” Ryu confessed in an interview with the Riot winner after the match, “Brion is a team that communicates well between the jungle and the bottom in the spring. .

Regarding the preparation for Week 4, he explained, “With Yumi being nerfed, there is no need to ban Yumi from the red team. I think it is possible for Apel to come out after banning Ash and Barus from the bottom. So, I have been practicing a composition without all bottoms.” .

Ryu Min-seok said he was not expecting Sona’s support in the 2nd set. He said, “The analyst told me that I could use Lucian-Sona. I thought about it through image training. It’s unfortunate,” he said.

Then, he expressed his feelings on the 3rd anniversary of his debut, “Compared to what I showed, the number of fans has increased a lot. They cheered me on a lot and gave me a lot of interest.

Ryu Min-seok recalled 20 years as the happiest moment in the past 3 years. He said, “The happiest thing was when DRX decided to advance to Worlds in 2020. I remember feeling a lot of emotions with Deft on my skin.”

He then mentioned last year’s World Championship final as the most memorable moment. Ryu Min-seok expressed his candidness, saying, “I still think of the finals when I think of tournaments or rolls. At that time, I wonder what it would have been like if I had done it differently. Originally, I had the mindset to do it without regrets, but inevitably regrets remain.”

Regarding T1’s selection as the favorites for the championship this spring, Ryu Min-seok said, “Last year, there were moments when I felt that this was enough to win, but now I don’t feel strongly that I’m close to winning. We improved through the remaining games and played well. It seems possible,” he said.

He said, “All teams are doing well, but I think they do better while watching Hanwha Life. I even made a few details mine while watching Hanwha Life’s game.” 메이저사이트

Lastly, he made up his mind against DRX, saying, “Among the supporters, Beryl is the best. If we don’t give Beryl the composition she wants, we can win.”

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