Another big bad news in professional baseball… LG Chun-Woong Lee participated in the game despite illegal gambling

Another major bad news has occurred in professional baseball. Cheonwoong Lee of the LG Twins belatedly admitted to illegal gambling. Before the opening, a related report was received by the KBO, and the LG club also heard about it, but it was included in the entry and made to play, raising criticism.

Reporter Seok Min-hyeok reports.

The first 11th inning of the away match against kt on the 2nd was overtime. Lee Cheon-woong comes out as a pinch hitter and puts the bat.

The match ends with an exquisite squeeze bunt to make the finish line.

Lee Chun-woong has played in 4 games this season.

However, since last year, reports of illegal gambling for nearly a year have already been received by the KBO.

A KBO official said, “The day before the opening, we informed the club that a report on Lee Chun-woong’s gambling had been received.”

However, the LG club heard the KBO’s words that the information was not reliable at the time, and Lee Cheon-woong himself strongly denied the allegation and said that he could not immediately withdraw from the game.

Afterwards, as the specificity increased due to additional reports, KBO notified the club again and requested an investigation by the prosecution on the 6th.

The club eventually deregistered Lee Chun-woong.

Lee Cheon-woong voluntarily attended the Suseo Police Station today and was investigated, and director Yeom Kyung-yeop bowed his head before the ‘Jamsil Derby’ with Doosan.

Yeom Gyeong-yeop / LG Twins manager
“As a manager in charge of the players, I feel very sorry. Another disappointment to the fans who love baseball. 메이저놀이터

” , but this time again, there is criticism that the follow-up was not quick.

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