Bae Ji-hwan NL’s No. 2 shooter, largest hoarding at 1747 billion won Rookie NO.1…to All-Star recommendation

Bae Ji-hwan (24, Pittsburgh Pirates) is the second-leading stealer in the National League, behind only Corbin Carroll (23, Arizona Diamondbacks).

Bae made his first appearance since July 7 at home against the Oakland Athletics. He took a day off to recharge his batteries. With a total of three stolen bases against the St. Louis Cardinals on May 5 and Oakland on May 6, he returned to the National League lead with 18 stolen bases on the season.

The National League stolen base race is dominated by Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves, 26). Acuna is on pace for 70 steals this season. Bae can realistically be applauded for finishing second. Bae is also on pace for at least 40 steals. That would be a new record for a Korean major leaguer 먹튀검증.

However, it’s not going to be easy for Bae to become the National League’s second-leading stealer. The competition keeps coming. Veteran Starling Marte (35, New York Mets) has been quiet lately after a scary run in late May. Meanwhile, Corbin Carroll,’s No. 1-ranked National League rookie, has been hitting again.

Carroll started in left field on Sunday against the Washington Nationals, going 1-for-3 with a home run, a walk, a stolen base, and two runs scored. In 58 games this season, Carroll is batting .287 with 10 homers, 25 RBIs, 40 runs scored, 17 doubles and an OPS of .898. He started 32 games last year and was eligible for Rookie of the Year honors.

Based on the volume of his at-bats, Carroll is clearly ahead in the Rookie of the Year race. However, if Bae can steal more bases than Carroll, he’ll be in a better position to win the Rookie of the Year race, so he won’t want to lose the battle for second place to Carroll.

Carroll also hits well, runs well, and catches well. He’s also a guy who’s been making Hovi films. In the top of the seventh inning with the bases loaded and the score 10-5, he hit an infield single to shortstop and stole second base. It was his first stolen base in six games since May 31 against the Colorado Rockies.

Through seven days, Carroll and Marte are tied for third behind Bae with 17 stolen bases. They are followed by Christian Yelich (Milwaukee Brewers, 16). With 11 stolen bases, Ha-Sung Kim is tied for 11th with Jake Pralley (Cincinnati Reds).

At this point, Bae’s best bet is Carroll over Marte, who is a veteran and could be a health risk. Carroll is Bae’s most threatening competitor, as he can hit for power and get on base a lot. Carroll signed an 8+1 year extension worth up to $134 million with Arizona prior to this season.

Earlier in the day, projected Carroll as an All-Star candidate. “This will be the first of many All-Star careers,” it said. “It will be the first of many All-Star careers,” they said.

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