Bae Ji-hwan’s ‘Debut 3-Run Hit’: ‘It’s Enough to Make You Stop’

Bae Ji-hwan kicks off Top Play with a story about how his first big league triple helped his team win.온라인카지노

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Tie game in the bottom of the seventh inning, one out, first base.

Bae hits a bullet of a pitch.

The ball rolls to the fence and the runner at first base is home.

Bae is running with his helmet off, and despite a brief pause, he makes it to third base with ease.

The first triple of his career.

He followed it up with a double to drive in the winning run.


Next up is US Open tennis.

Tired of your opponent’s medical timeouts?

‘World No. 1’ Alcaraz starts twirling his racket around.

It’s like watching a grandstand performance, isn’t it?

There was plenty of time left in the match.

He defeated Tsverev 3-0 to advance to the semifinals.

Can you defend your title as the defending champion?

Top play so far.

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