‘Byeon Woo-hyuk’s first grand home run + Yang Hyeon-jong 160 wins’ KIA beat Won Tae-in and secured the first consecutive win of the season + winning series

The KIA Tigers ran their first consecutive win this season with the grand slam of transfer student Byun Woo-hyuk.

KIA won 6-2 in the second game against Samsung held at KIA Champions Field in Gwangju on the 22nd, securing a weekend three-game winning series. The first winning series of the season. With a record of 6 wins and 10 losses, they laid the foundation for a rebound.

Samsung lost 3 consecutive losses amid the aftereffects of a come-from-behind defeat in the bottom of the 9th the previous day, and failed to achieve 3 consecutive winning series.

KIA Yang Hyeon-jong and Samsung Won Tae-in’s selection match between the left and right starting pitchers of the WBC national team.

It was KIA’s responsibility to suppress the baseline.

The KIA batting line, which won a thrilling 5-4 come-from-behind victory with Choi Hyung-woo’s three-run home run in the bottom of the 9th inning the previous day, exploded from the first inning as if the clogged blood had recently been pierced. Only in the first inning, he attacked Samsung starter Won Tae-in with 4 hits and 1 walk, including a home run, and scored a whopping 5 points, lightening the shoulders of starter Yang Hyeon-jong.

Kim Sun-bin’s preemptive and timely hit at the 1st and 2nd bases, which was made with Ko Jong-wook’s second hit after 1 out and Choi Hyung-woo’s walk after 2 out. With Lee Chang-jin’s hit, Byun Woo-hyeok pulled the slider 135 km low on Won Tae-in’s 4th pitch and went over the left wall. A home run with a distance of 120m that was so large that left fielder Pirella could not move the moment it was hit. It was the second season and the first grand slam of his personal career.

The Samsung batting line, which was held down by Yang Hyeon-jong with one hit and no score until the 4th inning, began to wriggle from the 5th inning.

Leading batter Lee Jae-hyeon went on base with a heavy hit, and then stepped home when Gong Min-gyu hit a double in the middle of the month. In the bottom of the 6th inning, trailing by 1-5, Samsung had a chance to safely load the bases with two walks and a hit by Kang Min-ho. However, Jeon Sang-hyun, who climbed the mound from 1st and 2nd base, lost Oh Jae-il, Lee Jae-hyeon, and Gong Min-gyu as KKK, losing the momentum to pursue. Samsung pursued 1 point with Lee Won-seok’s timely hit in the 7th inning with 1 company on 1st and 2nd base, but the runner on 1st base was tagged out at 3rd base, and in the 8th inning with 1 company and 1st base, Lee Jae-hyun’s double stroke cut off the pursuit flow, making the attack inefficient. failed to escape the losing streak.

KIA starter Hyeon-Jong Yang won his first win of the season in 3 games with 5 innings, 3 hits, 4 walks, 7 strikeouts and 1 run. This is the third record ever recorded by only two players, Song Jin-woo (210 wins) and Jung Min-cheol (161 wins).

Samsung starter Won Tae-in allowed a grand home run in the first inning and allowed 5 runs, but it was different from the second inning. He fulfilled his responsibility as a starting pitcher by pitching 6 innings with 2 hits, 1 walk and no runs from the 2nd to the 6th inning. 6 innings, 6 hits, 2 walks, 4 strikeouts, 5 runs, the first loss of the season (1 win). 메이저사이트

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