‘Cambodia Express’ Throng, LPBA 4 wins notice… 4-3 come-from-behind victory over Kim Bo-mi

‘Cambodian Express’ Throng Piabi (Blue One Resort) held the 4th Women’s Professional Billiards (LPBA) championship trophy in her career.

Throng defeated Kim Bo-mi (NH Nonghyup Card) in the LPBA final of the Crown Haitai PBA-LPBA Championship held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 7th with a set score of 4-3 (4-11 11-7 11-10 11-0 2-11 4 -11 9-3).

Throng, who won the Blue One Resort Championship, the opening game of this season, lifted the trophy again in the last tour event of the season and harvested two victories this season alone.

Throng, who has won 4 wins in his personal career, will rise to the top of the LPBA record with 5 wins, held by Kim Ga-young (Hana Card) and Lim Jung-suk (Crown Haetae), if he adds one more win. 바카라사이트

By adding 20 million won in prize money and 20,000 ranking points, Throng climbed to the top of the season prize money rankings (49.4 million won) and third in the cumulative prize money rankings (128.8 million won).

The first set was taken by Kim Bo-mi, who reached 11 points in 7 innings. In the second set, Throng won 11-7, predicting a close match worthy of the final.

As Throng brought 3 to 5 sets in a row, the atmosphere rapidly declined. In particular, in the fourth set, Throng finished 11-0 in two innings.

However, as she advanced to the first final, Kim Bo-mi did not intend to give up easily. Kim Bo-mi, who was driven to the cliff, showed her spirit and made up for the 5th and 6th sets, and the match continued until the final 7th set.

In the 7th set, Throng’s dignity shone.

In 8 innings, ahead of Kim Bo-mi by 5-3, Throng, who widened the score with a 2-point bank shot, confirmed the victory with another successful bank shot in the following inning. Throng held up his cue stick the moment a goal was scored and presented a splendid champion ceremony.

Kim Bo-mi, who dreamed of becoming the first ‘women’s champion’ in history, shed tears of regret at the threshold of winning. Kim Bo-mi’s father is veteran player Kim Byeong-ho (Hana Card) who has three PBA career wins.

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