Cinderella, discovered by Miami, leaves the team in the summer… Transfer possibility rapidly rising

The possibility of a transfer of Strauss, who inherits the lineage of three-point shooters from Miami, has been raised.

An official from a recent NBA team said, “Max Struss of the Miami Heat is expected to receive a good offer this summer. Therefore, it is unlikely that he will remain in Miami. Struss will receive a three-year, $20 million contract. “I wonder if Miami will pay Strus that money.” 토토사이트

Struss, who is in his fourth year in the NBA, is one of the best examples of human victory. Struss entered the 2019 NBA Draft, but was undrafted by NBA teams. Struss played in the G League and did not give up his dream of the NBA steadily, and joined Miami after passing through the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics.

In Miami, Strus’s life changed. Struss began to play with the trust of coach Eric Spoelstra. Strauss started as a bench member, but last season, he lost his starting spot due to Duncan Robinson’s sluggish performance.

The surprise performance of a player no one knew about made Strus’ name known to many NBA fans praising Miami’s player development.

But this season, Strus’ performance is not as good as last season. Strus is averaging 11.7 points and 3.4 rebounds, and his three-point shooting percentage, which was very high at 41 percent last season, has plummeted to 33.7 percent this season. The biggest advantage of the struss is lost.

Still, Struss remains an attractive player. He’s a rare 3-point shooter in modern basketball, and his defense isn’t bad either. Although his 3-pointer is less powerful than his teammate Duncan Robinson, his defensive skills are much better. The struss is a piece that any team needs and can easily integrate into.

Such struss will become a free agent after this season. Struss is unlikely to be paid as much as some superstar players, but he is expected to be in high enough demand. In fact, there are not a few teams known to have been aiming for struss in this trade market.

Miami has many long-term contracts, including Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, Tyler Hiro, Kyle Lowry and Robinson. It’s a situation where you can’t afford to catch the struss. Many directions point to the move of Struss. What will Strauss do?

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