Coach Jeon Ho-jin of kt ‘Lilac’, “Honestly, I’m not sure if he’s a candidate for the championship”

Coach Jeon Ho-jin of the kt Rolster CL team ‘Lilac’, who grabbed Brion and rose to the sole lead in the 2023 LCK CL Springs, said, “I don’t know why such stories are coming out.” This is because there are many things to do,” he emphasized. (based on 2 games on the 23rd)

kt played Brion in the 2023 LCK Challengers League (CL) Spring Week 2 match held at the WDG eSports Studio in Daehan Theater in Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 23rd. defeated them 2-0. After winning 3 consecutive wins in the opening season, kt recorded 3 wins (+5) of the season, surpassing T1 and Dplus Kia to rise to the sole lead. On the other hand, Brion fell to the bottom with three consecutive losses (-6).

After defeating Q and Brion, he rose to the sole lead with 3 consecutive victories in the opening season.
A, I personally think it’s fortunate. Of course, I thought I would win 2-0, but I honestly thought I lost the second set. However, thanks to the players’ perseverance and hard-working play, they came from behind to win. I think it’s fortunate.

Q. The 2nd set was fierce, when were you sure you would win?
A. When both teams took 2 dragons, Brion tried to take the money after demolishing the turret rather than taking the dragon. When I tried to push the top turret, I thought that if I dragged it for a long time, I could reverse it. Afterwards, there was a scene where I fell out after doing a baron steal, but at that time I felt it was worth doing.

Q. It was also impressive to block the opponent’s backdoor after taking the object.
A, the conversation was cold. I was worried that it would be cut off, but it is fortunate that the players did so dramatically.

Q. The commentators picked kt as a strong contender for the championship.
A, I heard about it, but I honestly don’t know. I don’t know why my position is so far that I’m a candidate for the championship. There are many things missing. Looking at the second set against Brion right now, there are more than one or two things that need to be improved. It seems that I had high expectations compared to the performance. I will do my best to live up to it and not show the same image as the 2nd set on this day.

Q, I knew you were discharged from the military, but I was surprised to join kt.
A. After coaching at Suning (currently Weibo Gaming), he completed his military service. Afterwards, he was resting while doing personal broadcasting, but received an offer from kt to coach the 2nd team. The goal of the 2nd team players is to play in the LCK. To do that, we need to develop, but I thought kt’s direction and policies were okay.

Q, I decided to work with Son Seung-ik, who played together in IM.
A, it was very strange. Personally, it’s a style where I don’t communicate well with other people. I ended up with Seung-Ik (Son) from the 2nd group, and it was the first time in 6-7 years. I met you and it was amazing. I remembered the past. When we eat, we talk about old times and play. 바카라

Q. Top laner Cho “Castle” Hyeon-seong is evaluated as a first-team player. Is there a player you personally look forward to?
A: Except for ‘Castle’, I’m looking forward to all the other 4, but if I had to choose one, I’d pay attention to ‘Pasty’ Jung Sung-hoon. I feel promising. In the long run, I think he will be a good player.

Q: What kind of coach do you want to be in the future?
A, I am a coach for the 2nd team, so I hope that the player I lived with will do well later. It would be nice if I was on that team when things went well, but even if it wasn’t, I hope people would say ‘I learned a lot from me’ through interviews. (Laughs)

Q. Please say something to the fans.
A, I came in suddenly after not having a relationship with the LoL scene. Some people will be surprised. I will do my best to show a good image in the kt Challengers team. We ask for your support. I wish you a happy new year.

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