‘Danger of leaving a star like Son Heung-min-Kane’ Why Tottenham acquisition is desperate

‘Tottenham Hotspur is in danger of leaving stars like Son Heung-min and Harry Kane.’

The British media ‘Daily Mail’ pointed out on the 19th that “Tottenham’s performance does not reach the best facilities such as the stadium they can boast of.”

He continued, “It is difficult to say that Tottenham invested in stars like Son Heung-min and Kane to succeed. There is a strong perception that the trigger for strengthening was not pulled when it was on the rise,” he added.

Along with this, “Tottenham is in danger of leaving stars like Son Heung-min and Kane. This is why a takeover is desperately needed,” he stressed that the owner must change.

Tottenham recently leaked the possibility of changing the owner. A consortium led by Iranian-American billionaire Jam Najafi reportedly expressed its intention to acquire the company. 메이저사이트

It was news that fans would be delighted with. This is because the company was unable to produce satisfactory results due to its sloppy management.

However, the owner of Tottenham reportedly rejected the offer and said he had no intention of selling it.

Tottenham has made notable achievements in the field of infrastructure, such as the construction of a new stadium. However, in the transfer market, it is giving birth to regret as it does not produce such results.

This is because Chairman Daniel Levy, who is in charge of Tottenham’s transfer market, is stingy with large-scale recruitment and aims for low-cost, high-efficiency effects as his team management philosophy.

In the midst of Tottenham’s sluggishness, stars such as Son Heung-min and Kane are rumored to transfer to Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich.

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