‘Defending Champ’ Jeonju University beats Jeonju University 2-0 and wins first

Jeonju University, the ‘defending champ’, sounded a high pitch for victory in the first edition of the freshman and sophomore college football tournament.

Jeonju University beat Jeonju National University 2-0 in the 1st round of Group 9 of the ‘Promised Land Tongyeong 19th Junior College Football Tournament’ held on the 6th at Sanyang Sports Park Stadium 1 in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do. Jeonju University won by two goals in the 12th minute of the first half with Ji-Woo Lee and Seung-Wan Ryoo in extra time.

Jeonju University, which won the tournament for the first time after three final attempts last year, took the first step toward a second consecutive victory lightly.토토

In Group 10, Howon University also defeated Wonkwang University 2-0 and took one win. Cheongju University in Group 12 defeated Mungyeong University 3-1, and Hongik University in Group 13 defeated Jungwon University 4-0. In addition, Gwangju University, Catholic Kwandong University, Yongin University, and Gimhae University won 3 points on the first day.

◇The 19th Junior College Football Tournament Tongyeonggi Preliminary Day 1 (6th)
Jeonju 2-0 before Jeonju, Howon 2-0 Wonkwang, Yongin 2-0 Uideok, Cheongju 3-1 Mungyeong, Hongik 4-0 Jungwon , Gwangju 2-1 Yeongnam, Jeju International 1-1 Gyeongil, Catholic Kwan-dong 8-0 Busan, etc.