Do you have a place to go?…”Ronaldo’s career isn’t over. He’ll go back to Europe”

Cristiano Ronaldo will retire in Europe, according to coach Rudi García Al Nasr .

A shocking transfer was announced in January. Ronaldo, who was regarded as the best player of the 21st century along with Lionel Messi, headed to Asia after ending his life in Europe. The destination was Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia. His contract is for two and a half years. His annual salary amounted to 200 million euros (approximately 268.5 billion won). 메이저사이트

After that, he successfully made his debut. In a friendly match against Messi’s Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), he scored multiple goals to improve his scoring sense and also made his league debut.

However, his performance is minimal. In his debut against R.T. Park, he played full-time with the ‘captain’ armband on, but failed to score. In the last Saudi Super Cup semi-final against Al Ittihad, they lost 1-3 and failed to challenge for the title.

The humiliation of defeat continued even after the match. Intoxicated with the joy of victory, Al Ittihad fans chanted the name of ‘rival’ Messi as Ronaldo exited the stadium. It was full of meaning to openly compare and ridicule the situation of the two players, who widened the gap in an instant.

As such, Ronaldo’s adaptation to Saudi Arabia is difficult. He has only played 2 matches yet, but his destructive power has fallen even on the Asian stage. Accordingly, many European media outlets and football officials revealed that Ronaldo’s career would end in Asia.

But Garcia had a different idea. He still believed Ronaldo was in top form and insisted that his retirement ceremony be held in Europe. According to British media ‘Metro’, he said: “Ronaldo is still a resource that can wreak havoc on defenders. He is one of the best players in the world and his career at Al Nasr will not end. He will return to Europe.” .

As García said, it is unknown whether Ronaldo has a chance to return to Europe. He will be 40 when his contract with Al Nasr expires. He also contacted several European clubs before moving to Asia, but none of them wanted him. Even now, he doesn’t have the team he wants, but it is expected that the team he wants in 2 years and 6 months is unlikely to come out.

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