‘Doo Doo’ one-man show + growing operations… Guangdong Freaks defeat DRX 2:0

Guangdong Freecs swept DRX 2:0 in game one of the second day of the regular season of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split at Jonggak Roll Park on August 8. After taking the first set with a one-man show from ‘Dudu’, Guangdong Freecs showed off their upgraded operational skills to win the second set.

Game 1 was a showcase of Dudu’s mobility, and the phrase “one-man carry” couldn’t be more appropriate. The game was fairly even until the mid-game, when Xanthe’s overwhelming presence in an open hantar around the 31-minute mark began to shift the momentum in Guangdong’s favor. Park “Paduk” Seok-hyun’s Apellios didn’t miss a flash+gust forwards, and he caught it for a kill, surviving to land an ace.

Facing DRX’s Baron play, ‘Dudu’ single-handedly picked off the opposing bot duo to minimize the damage, and he also cut down ‘Bulldog’ Lee “Dudu” Tae-young’s Arie from the sideline. The final kill was also carried by ‘Dudu’. DRX’s last stand was pretty intense, with their allied dealer getting picked off first, but ‘Dudu’ managed to pull out the win despite his low health, showing perfect skill distribution and aggro ping-pong with ‘Young-jae’ Ko’s Bollybear.

‘Dudu’ was unanimously voted POG of the first set for his rarely seen ‘top-solver hard carry’. K/D/A went 0/1/7, with a whopping DPM of 850 with a tanky Xanthe.

With the momentum behind ‘Dudu’, Guangdong continued their momentum in game two. Unlike the previous set, they opened up a significant gap early on, with Bai “Youngjae” Ko and Taliya “Bulldog” Lee “Bulldog” Tae-young at the center of it all. They moved around quickly and made an impact on the entire line, with Jerry “Tae-yoon” Kim picking up plenty of kills and assists along the way. Gwen of “Dudu” also thrived on the sideline.

After conceding both the main and side initiative to Guangdong, DRX tried several times to change things up with Baron, but it didn’t work. Doggedness became stubbornness, and DRX eventually lost a single hit in front of the Baron’s nest. At this point, global gold was up by over 10,000. Guangdong used their superior firepower to blow DRX out of the water, ending the game with a set score of 2:0. 메이저사이트

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