Eunji Kim, 5th Dan, Resurrection Start

In a battle between the youngest and oldest of the eight elite knights in the main draw, 16-year-old Kim Eun-ji, 메이저사이트 5th dan, defeated 39-year-old Lee Min-jin, 8th dan. The two players met in the first round of the losers’ bracket of the 2023 Dr. Ji Women’s Top Knight Decider at the K-Baduk Studio on the afternoon of the 26th.

The first matchup between the 23-year-olds was unexpectedly refreshing. While Kim Eun-ji 5-dan has a lot of early research, Lee Min-jin 8-dan’s strength is in the middlegame. Against Kim Eun-ji 5, who took the lead, Lee Min-jin 8 could not find a way to make up for the early deficit.

After the gap widened, the graph did not change much. At the end of 3 hours, 12 minutes and 206 moves, Lee Min-jin 8th dan was the first to point his finger at the center and laugh. The mistake was the most regrettable.

“Sensei Lee Min-jin is a sticky person, so I told him to leave it in my style,” said Kim Eun-ji, 5th dan, Kookhu, “I thought it was pretty good when I lived in the ear at the beginning. In the scene where the center point was caught, I thought I was caught up, but I think it was still a little bit good. When Master Lee Min-jin made a mistake in the center, I thought I had almost won,” he said.

The women’s top knight tournament was changed from a league match to a quarterfinal tournament with a double-elimination round-robin this year. Kim Eun-ji 5, who had previously been stopped by Cho Hye-yeon 9, started her comeback in the loser’s bracket. Lee Min-jin 8, who lost to Choi Jeong 9, was eliminated with his second loss.

Kim Eun-ji 5th will face the losers of Oh Yoo-jin and Heo Seo-hyun. “Both of them are tough opponents, so I think I’ll have to make as few mistakes as possible,” said Kim Eun-ji, 5th dan. “I know their style of play, so I think it will 토토 가입머니 be a little boring,” she laughed. At that moment, the broadcast seats were embarrassed.

The prize pool for the 2023 Dr.J. Women’s Best Knight Decider is 35 million won for the winner and 15 million won for the runner-up, as eight players, including four qualifiers, three seeds, and one wild card, will compete for the title in the main stage.

On June 29, the first round of the losers’ bracket will be played between Kim Chae-young and Cho Seung-ah. Then, on July 3 and 5, the two winner’s bracket quarterfinals will be held.

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