‘European 5 League MVP’ Lee Kang-in, possessed by Messi, ‘removed 4 defenders’… Mallorca Atlético 1-3 come-from-behind loss ’11th place down’

Lee Kang-in (21, Mallorca) had no consecutive goals, but his presence was overwhelming. He played with four defenders and showed off his best talent in the Primera Liga. However, the team swallowed regret with a come-from-behind defeat despite Lee Kang-in’s great performance.

Mallorca lost 1-3 on the 31st round of the 2022-23 season Spanish Primera Liga against Atletico Madrid held at the Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid, Spain on the 27th (Korean time). It was on the rise with an undefeated 4 matches (2 wins, 2 draws), but it slowed down due to the defeat that day, and the ranking also fell to 11th place.

Head coach Javier Aguirre chose a partial rotation to face a top team. The key ‘one-two combination’ Lee Kang-in and Muriki were on the bench and Bastidas and Baba were brought out. Atletico Madrid provided fire support in the second line with Lema, Koke, and De Paul in the two tops of Griezmann and Morata. Since we had an objective advantage in terms of power, we took the initiative at home and solved the game. 메이저놀이터

Atletico Madrid flow was good, but the opening goal was Mallorca. Mallorca found a solution from a set piece in the 20th minute of the first half. Nastasic took advantage of the confusion inside the box and broke the Atlético Madrid defense and shook the net with a sensational header. At the crucial moment, Mallorca took the lead by scoring on his debut goal.

Atlético Madrid conceded the opening goal, but calmly played the game. The combination of Lemar, Koke and De Paul rocked and threatened Mallorca. Griezmann was also fierce from the front. Mallorca, who was blocking Atlético Madrid’s attack by raising their guard, lost their concentration for a moment. In the extra time of the first half, the ball kicked by the defense was not handled properly and De Paul scored with a right-footed shot to turn the game around.

After conceding a goal in the first half, Mallorca collapsed from the beginning of the second half. The main character was Morata. In the 2nd minute of the second half, Molina’s cross was finished with a header, shaking Mallorca’s net. The Mallorca defense was dense, but the organizational power did not fit like a cogwheel. Atletico Madrid brought back the atmosphere by reversing almost simultaneously with the second half.

Mallorca immediately took out a key player and counterattacked. In the 10th minute of the second half, Muriki, Lee Kang-in, and Diedihu were put in to pull the reins. Lee Kang-in was not intimidated against the top teams in the Primera Liga. In the 30th minute of the second half, four Atlético Madrid defenders surrounded them at the moment they caught the ball, but they took off the strong pressure with a bold and soft breakthro

Despite Lee Kang-in’s great performance, the goal was not scored. On the contrary, the atmosphere was broken by the loss. In the 32nd minute of the second half, Carrasco perfectly tricked the Mallorca goalkeeper and scored, widening the gap. Afterwards, Morata and Koke were called in to slowly maintain the game tempo and take the lead.

The Mallorca flow broke, but Lee Kang-in was still fierce. In extra time, he saved the fire of pursuit until the end with his signature body painting and side attack support. Molina’s tackles also pass with ease, and he has proven himself to be one of the Primera Liga’s top talents. After the game, it received a rating of 6.1 on Whoscored.com.

Lee Kang-in was recently selected as the ‘Team of the Week’ in Europe’s top 5 leagues, standing shoulder to shoulder with Kylian Mbappe. At the time, the rating was a whopping 9.1 points. Against Getafe, he scored multiple goals for the first time in his personal professional career and the first Korean in the Primera Liga, and he vomited his spirit to be nominated for the Best of the Week and Player of the Month selected by the Primera Liga Secretariat.

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