‘Experience more valuable than results’ Elegant sports… I got a lot from the first 3×3 competition

Elegant Sports has gained a lot from its first national 3×3 challenge.

Assist For You (Assist For Youth) project, which is underway for the development of youth basketball in Korea from 2022. Elegant Sports, which is working on this project, debuted on the middle school 3×3 stage through the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023 2nd Inje Competition, which ended on the 14th.

It is an elegant sport that focuses on youth basketball classes, but also actively runs adult 3×3 teams and engages in various activities in 5:5 and 3×3. Since last year, the adult 3×3 team has been consistently winning in the men’s open, and the elegant sports have made their name known. For the first time, two middle school teams participated in the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023 2nd Inje Competition, which opened on the 13th.

Director Hyung-min Lee of Elegant Sports, who announced plans to actively operate not only adult divisions that are performing well, but also student 3×3 teams from elementary, middle, and high schools, invited two middle school teams to participate in this competition, and the first national 3×3 competition of elegant sports middle school 3×3 teams. took on the challenge

Elegant Sports Team A, consisting of Yu Haram, Lee Ju-hyuk, Kim Jeong-woo, and Oh Jun-hyuk, and Elegant Sports Team B, consisting of Na Wan-gyu, Yu Gun-woo, Lee Myeong-won, and Lee Seung-gi, were organized into Groups A and D of the preliminaries, aiming to pass the group stage.

Woowa Sports Team A defeated Yeongtong KT Team C 21-3 in the preliminaries and succeeded in winning from the first match of the preliminaries. However, she lost to Suzy KT B and ATB, whom she met later, and was eliminated from the preliminary round with 1 win and 2 losses.

The match against Suzy KT Team B, the second opponent in the preliminaries, was disappointing. It was a close match, but it showed a lack of support and lost 9-12.

Unlike Team A, the Elegant Sports Team B was placed in a group consisting of 3 teams and was able to advance to the finals with just one win. Woowa Sports Team B, who lost to Gangho Goyang TOP, their first opponent in the preliminaries, was on the verge of winning in the second match of the preliminaries against Yeongtong KT Team A, but lost 10-11 due to an unfortunate mistake in the match. Defeated by one point, the Elegant Sports B team had to swallow the predicament of elimination.

Lee Hyung-min, director of Elegant Sports, said, “It has become a competition where children learn a lot. In the case of 5:5, there is not much to play with other grades because the competition is held by grade, but since 3×3 is a competition not by grade, but by integration, from the children’s point of view, there are I think there were difficulties coming in. That’s why I thought I might be intimidated, but it seems that our children didn’t feel intimidated more than I thought, had fun, and played hard.” 토스카지노

“As both teams were eliminated in the preliminaries, they did not produce any results, but it became a competition where the children learned a lot. And I’m already wondering when the next tournament will be (laughs). I learned from it, and in the next competition, I will compete with other types of competitions so that we can have fun while cheering each other on. We are planning to participate in active 3×3 competitions in the future, and from that point of view, I think I got the first button right, and I gained a lot regardless of the results. It was a competition,” he said with satisfaction.

Assist For Youth is a project that assists to spread youth basketball by joining forces with youth basketball classes across the country from 2022. Inquiries about joining the Up For You Project can be made through the official Instagram account (@assist_for_youth).

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