Gen.G, who wins even if it is disadvantageous, blocks the spicy Nongshim punch and runs for ‘6 consecutive wins’

Even if it is disadvantageous, we win. This is the story of ‘Phoenix’ Gen.G. Unlike the overwhelming first set, Gen.G, who faced a crisis in the second set, was not shaken by the spicy punches of Nongshim. With this, Gen.G won 6 consecutive wins and tied for first place with T1.

Gen.G won the ‘2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring split held at LoL Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 9th with a set score of 2-0 against Nongshim Red Force.

In the 1st set, Gen.G easily won the match thanks to Delight’s performance. Genji put top Gwen out against Xante, but Nongshim took the first kill. With Lee “Sylvie” Seung-bok, Ahn “Fiesta” Hyeon-seo cut off “Chovy” Jeong Ji-hoon. Nongshim gave away Park Geun-woo, who was ‘strong’, and obtained a messenger. However, Genji did not miss the moment. With the arrow of ‘Delight’ Yuhwan, he accurately aimed and caught ‘Vital’ Hein-seong.

The tension continued, and in the end, Gen.G was the team that laughed. Gen.G gave up the dragon, but he made kills with ‘Delight’ arrows and began to widen the gold gap little by little. The solid operation continued to the Baron. Gen.G, who quickly got the Baron buff, was able to get a kill in battle and seize victory. The dragon that was lagging quickly caught up.

The final match was in front of the red camp blue. Gen.G took advantage of the difference in growth around the 29th minute and caught all but Nongshim’s ‘Durable’. Genji, who finally held and shook Nongshim based on the initiative, entered Nongshim’s headquarters based on the victory in the engagement and destroyed the Nexus, bringing the first set. 스포츠토토

In the second set, Gen.G picked strong champions for each line and strengthened it. In the upper body, Camille, Ellis, and Tristana were completed, and in the bottom, even Draven was brought out to increase the number of wins. And the odds were right. Han “Peanut” Wang-ho got the first kill by successfully ganking on the tower with Choi “Doran” Hyeon-jun.

Thanks to the firepower of the combination, Gen.G gained the upper hand in a 3v3 battle from the bottom and took the win from the beginning. But Gen.G faced a crisis. Giving 3 kills with the first dragon in front. Based on that power, Nongshim gained a messenger and engaged in a war of nerves by pressing mid.

Then, Nongshim’s spicy punch poured in one after another. He succeeded in getting the baron from four people while giving up ‘strong’ and immediately scored two kills. The kill score is already tied. The two teams, who needed a breakthrough, met in front of Baron around the 29th minute. Nongshim, who broke the ‘Peanut’ without blinking, got the Baron and pushed the bottom suppressor with a buff.

Nongshim pressed the side with a little more greed, but this judgment became poison. Genji fired a counter punch in an instant, and with this one shot, Genji even destroyed Nongshim’s Nexus around the 35th minute, ending the game 2-0.

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