“I couldn’t score, but I’m happy? There’s no reason to be here”… Son Heung-min’s ‘happiness’ is a goal

This season, Son Heung-min (Tottenham) received a lot of criticism for his few goals.

Son Heung-min became the first Asian to become the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) with 23 goals last season. It is true that the strength and majesty have declined a lot this season. Son Heung-min has only scored 4 league goals this season.

There were many reasons. He suffered a facial injury and a crumbling Tottenham defense prevented him from taking advantage of his attacking opportunities.

But now is the time to show a different side of yourself. Fortunately, things have changed recently. He scored multiple goals in the round of 32 of the FA Cup with Preston.

And especially against Manchester City, it was intense. Although he had no goals, his explosive speed, reckless counterattacking moves, and confident shooting were similar to those of Son Heung-min last season. This is why many local media evaluated Son Heung-min as a perfect resurrection after the Manchester City match. 스포츠토토

Now, Son Heung-min meets Leicester City on the 12th. Most locals, such as Britain’s ‘Football London’, are expecting Son Heung-min to start a sortie. The hat-trick against Leicester City in September last year is being recalled again.

In the situation ahead of the match against Leicester City, England’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Last season’s top scorer Son Heung-min showed an unexpected appearance this season. He did not meet expectations. The problem is that Tottenham’s defense collapsed and Son Heung-min provided space It was different from when he scored a hat-trick against Leicester City. Of course, there were personal problems with Son Heung-min, such as a significantly lower dribble success rate. .

And he brought out the word ‘happiness’. The remarks of Son Heung-min, who said he was not happy after his hat-trick against Leicester City, were highlighted. At the same time, he introduced Son Heung-min’s past interview. Son Heung-min said:

“If I’m not scoring and I’m happy, I have no reason to be here.”

Son Heung-min said that he would not be happy if he could not score a goal himself. This is the common mind of all strikers as well as Son Heung-min. A striker has to speak with goals, and it is a law to prove it with goals. Son Heung-min is so hungry for goals this season. Now is the time to explode.

‘Daily Mail’ reported that Son Heung-min may not be happy, but Antonio Conte is happy. The media said, “Coach Conte insists that Heung-Min Son is happy even if he does not score. This is because Heung-Min Son sacrifices himself for teamwork. He does not shirk his defensive duties. It is Son Heung-Min’s way. Create space for his teammates. method for it,” he explained.

Lastly, the media emphasized that even if the manager is satisfied, Son Heung-min needs a goal. The media said, “He scored 23 goals last season. As Son Heung-min himself said, he will not be happy until he scores again.”

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