“I didn’t know the situation…” The sudden rain delay also helped Jinyoung Ko

“I thought it was one or two strokes behind me and Nellie Korda (USA) was behind me.”

The game was delayed due to sudden rain, so it almost became a handshake, but it was a blessing for Ko Jin-young (28).

Ko Jin-young reached the top at the LPGA Tour HSBC Women’s World Championship (total prize money of 1.8 million dollars) held at Sentosa Golf Club (par 72) in Singapore on the 5th. She marked her resurgence by beating Nellie Korda (USA) by two strokes and winning her first two consecutive tournaments. 바카라사이트

Ko Jin-young, who had a rough time with her wrist injury last year, is back with a completely different look in her new season. She especially returned her strong point, computerized iron shots. She averages an 88.89% green hit rate over 4 rounds.

Jinyoung Ko’s performance was outstanding, but her final round was not easy. Ko Jin-young made three birdies without bogey in the first half, but Corda and Daniel Kang (USA) pursued fiercely. After a chase and chase game, Ko Jin-young added a birdie in the 13th hole (par 5) and ran away by 3 strokes.

However, Ko Jin-young, who was so focused on the game, did not know that he had a 3-stroke advantage with 3 holes left. During the sweaty match, it suddenly rained, and he had to take a break during the play of the 16th hole (par 5).

It was a situation where concentration could be broken, but Ko Jin-young solved the situation positively. “I was leading by one stroke, and I knew that Corda was behind me. I thought it was close. The game was delayed, so I took a break at the restaurant, and when I looked at the leaderboard, I had a three-stroke lead,” he recalled.

He then explained the situation at the time, saying, “Since there are two more holes left, I can save par and play it safe. The 17th and 18th holes were really hard, but I managed to do it.”

Ko Jin-young evaluated this victory as the most important among her 14 career victories on the LPGA Tour. He said, “With this win, I learned how to play more for the rest of the season. There are major tournaments, but it’s the tournament that healed me the most mentally.”

Ko Jin-young, who revived after winning two consecutive victories in Singapore, will move to the United States and participate in the Drive-On Championship, which will be held in Gold Canyon, Arizona, from the 24th.

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