‘I even threw a chair at the airport’ shock→ Murinho’s fans are also extremely angry→Europa final referee, airport outburst ‘in a row’

AS Roma fans are really angry after finishing runners-up in the Europa League. It was directed at referee Anthony Taylor. Police were called to the airport after fans threw chairs at the referee.

“Terrified referee Taylor was verbally abused by angry Roma fans at the airport,” The Sun reported on February 2.

Judging by the footage that surfaced on social media, Roma fans were indeed angry. After spotting Taylor and his family at Budapest International Airport in Hungary, the fans chased them through the airport, shouting and booing at them. Eventually, the family was escorted by police to the airport office.

Most shockingly, a Roma fan threw a chair toward the room where Taylor and her family were. No one was hit by the chair, but it looks like someone was.

Earlier, angry fans had thrown water bottles at Taylor in a dramatic protest. The media described it as a “scene of near horror”.

The chaos was so intense that Italian media dubbed it “Chaos Taylor,” after the angry fans took out their frustrations on Taylor.

In response to the outcry from the Roma fans, the Professional Game Management Organization of the World (PGMOL) issued a statement saying it was “appalled by the unjustified and hateful behavior directed at referee Taylor”.

“PGMOL is aware of footage circulating on social media showing Taylor and his family being verbally abused by fans at Budapest Airport. We are appalled by the unjustified and hateful behavior directed at Taylor and his family as he was attempting to return home from refereeing the UEFA Europa League Final. We will continue to offer our full support to Taylor and his family.” 메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, AS Roma lost 1-4 on penalties to Sevilla in the UEFA Europa League (UEL) final of the 2022-23 season at the Puskás Arena in Budapest, Hungary, after drawing 1-1 on aggregate.
Referee Taylor handed out 14 yellow cards to players from both sides in this particular match. Mourinho was also cautioned.

Mourinho told Italy’s Sky Sports after the game, “We felt unfair and we were tired. We played against a referee who looked like a Spaniard. “The injustice is that Lamela should have gotten a second caution, but he didn’t, and there was no penalty,” Mourinho said.

Earlier, Mourinho had expressed his anger at the awards ceremony. After receiving his runner-up medal, he threw it into the stands at a young fan who called out to him as he walked back to the locker room. He was taking out his anger at being unfairly placed in second place.

Taylor also waited in the parking lot for referee Taylor to come out and cursed at him before leaving the stadium.

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