‘I was also hit by Richarli Song’… Tottenham’s Brazilian colleague taunts with pigeon dance ceremony

Tottenham’s Brazilian players pranked Richarlison by performing a pigeon dance ceremony.

British Sky Sports introduced Tottenham’s Brazilian trio Richarlison, Emerson and Moura on the 7th (local time) enjoying the game. The three Tottenham players played a soccer game together, and when they scored a goal against Richarlison, Moura and Emerson performed a pigeon dance ceremony towards Richarlison and mocked them playfully. 안전놀이터

The pigeon dance is famous for the ceremony Richarlison performed after scoring a key goal in the Qatar World Cup match against Korea. Brazil held a dance ceremony as a group every time they scored a goal in the round of 16 match against Korea in the World Cup in Qatar. In particular, after Richarlison scored a key goal against Korea in the 28th minute, he ran to the bench and performed a dance ceremony with Brazil’s coach Chichi. The Brazilian national team’s ceremony was criticized for not respecting Korea, but Richarlison said after Korea, “It was a pre-arranged situation. We talked before the game. The coach asked me to teach him how to dance. Coach Chichi should also be congratulated. do,” he said.

Richarlison said of the pigeon dance, “It’s a dance performed by a band from Rio de Janeiro around 2012. When I started dancing at home, the trend started and everyone started following me.” I think. If I score a goal, I want to hold a pigeon dance ceremony.” Richarlison, who joined Tottenham this season, did not have a chance to show off his pigeon dance ceremony on the Premier League stage this season as he failed to score a Premier League goal in Tottenham uniform.

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