“I will become a companion on the thorny road” A novice coach’s love for players leads kt’s future

The eldest brother, Yuhan-jun Yu (42), who led kt’s first integrated championship in 2021, left the moment of glory behind and started anew as a coach.

Coach Yoo, who started his pro career at Hyundai in 2004, moved to Nexen (currently Kiwoom) and settled for kt in 2015. He played 726 games in 6 seasons at kt, with a batting average of 3.5, 772 hits, 77 homers, 407 RBIs, 320 runs, and an OPS of 0.844. He concluded his playing career with kt’s Korean Series victory in 2021.

After his retirement, he served as a non-position temporary coach at kt. During the year 2022, he experienced team front work such as power analysis and received leadership classes. Coach Yoo said, “Power analysis is recorded in numbers, and coaches have to understand the players based on those numbers.”

Coach Yoo, who completed the coaching class, became an official coach this year. He began his full-fledged leadership career as a batting coach for the kt Future Team (second team). And from the last 1st, he entered his first job at the spring camp held at the Iksan Baseball Stadium.

As he is a rookie coach, the title of ‘coach’ is still unfamiliar to him. Coach Yoo said, “Players and coaches are completely different. When I was a player, I only had to take care of myself, but now I have to look after all the players.” 스포츠토토

But on the ground, he is guiding the players more passionately than anyone else. Coach Yoo said, “All the players are eagerly engaged in training. I am trying to be of any help to the players. I am still in the stage of observing the players. I am ready to give advice whenever the players need it.” said.

During his active career, coach Yoo was assigned to assist coach Kim Ki-tae, who had a reputation as the best left-handed hitter in Korea. Coach Kim was appointed as the new commander of the Future Steam team in October of last year. He smiled and said, “The coach is an expert on hitting and has excellent leadership, so I am learning a lot.”

Looking at director Kim, I am also setting the direction for leadership. Coach Yu said, “The coach told me not to be a good coach, but to be a good coach.” “I feel that a good coach should know how to be soft at times and strong at times. I am thinking about how to help the players.” said.

Most of the Futures team is made up of rookies who have just stepped onto the professional stage. Coach Yoo said, “Futures players have a long way to go. The whole process will be a thorny road.”

Coach Yu was called a byword for sincerity during his active career. With his pioneering attitude, he became an example among his juniors and was much loved by his fans. He even earned nicknames such as ‘Jun Wuhan’, ‘Son of Suwon’, and ‘Soundless Strong Man’.

Coach Yoo gave the players heartfelt advice. “In the end, self-management is important. He has to know exactly what he has to do,” he said.

In kt, there is another icon of sincerity comparable to Coach Yoo. It is Park Kyung-soo (40), the captain who has been called a soul mate. After winning the Korean Series in 2021, the two players left a deep impression on fans by embracing hotly with tears in their eyes.

Park Kyung-soo is still showing his fighting spirit on the ground despite his age. He wears the captain’s armband this year as well and is preparing for the new season at the US camp site. Coach Yoo cheered Park Kyung-soo, saying, “I’m always watching with support. I hope he does well without injury.”

However, even while watching Park Kyung-soo, who is still continuing his career as a player, he did not want to return to the field. Coach Yoo said, “He has no intention of playing again as a player. He just wants to do his best so that KT can become stronger and learn a lot.”

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