“If Arsenal had signed Ronaldo, they would have won this season!”

Arsenal caused a sensation in the English Premier League (EPL) from the beginning to the middle of the 2022-23 season. But as we approach the end of the season, it seems to be losing strength.

Arsenal, which was excited to win the EPL for the first time in 19 years by running at the top of the league until mid-season, gave up the top spot to Manchester City’s pursuit.

Arsenal lost 3-0 to Brighton & Hove Albion on the 15th. The local media saw that the championship competition was virtually over.

Arsenal, who stayed at 81 points with this defeat, could not narrow the gap with Man City (85 points) in first place. 4 points difference. However, Arsenal have played one more game than Man City. Manchester City’s win is very likely.

As the situation changed, Piers Morgan, a famous British journalist known as an Arsenal fan, drew attention by making an unusual claim. He is also known as an Arsenal fan and an avid fan of Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr).

Ronaldo terminated his contract with Manchester United at the end of last year and went to Al Nasr, Saudi Arabia. He became the player with the world’s highest annual salary of 200 million euros (290 billion won). At the time, the decisive reason for the breakup with Man Utd was an interview aimed at shooting Man U and manager Eric Ten Hag, and it was Morgan who did the interview.

Morgan claimed on his social media, “If Arsenal had signed Ronaldo after parting ways with Manchester United, Arsenal would have won this season 안전놀이터.”

He continued, “Ronaldo also wanted to sign with Arsenal. Arsenal could have won the EPL if he had signed Ronaldo even until the end of this season. He is a player who knows.”

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