If you catch Gangwon, you can come in third place. Daegu FC…Choi Won-kwon’s ‘game winning streak’ challenge at home

Daegu FC continued its strong performance in “Jeju” as it won a dramatic come-from-behind victory in the Jeju expedition without the three main players. Daegu, which is in fifth place amid a fierce battle for 메이저도메인 the mid-tier position, aims to reach third place by beating its opponent Gangwon FC, who had not lost at DGB Daegu Bank Park. Will Choi Won-kwon’s determination to present his fans with a “game winning streak” at home following his away victory come true? We checked the situation in Daegu, where Daegu MBC Sports Plus is engaged in a fierce mid-range fight.

The first come-from-behind victory of the thrilling season on the Jeju expedition
If Daegu FC, which ranks fifth in the middle of the K League 1, wins the upcoming home game against Gangwon, it could even reach third place in the league, thanks to the 21st round of Jeju World Cup Stadium, where a thrilling come-from-behind victory took place.

Daegu, which won 2-1 with its first come-from-behind victory in the Jeju expedition on Friday, adds three points by saving its own soccer despite the absence of its main players, and succeeds in maintaining an advantage in the top split competition, which is given up to sixth place in the season’s 8 wins, 7 draws, 6 losses, and 31 points. After the game, Daegu FC manager Choi Won-kwon also said, “I’m so happy that I got three points in Jeju away, which is not easy without three main players.” “I think the team will be stronger in that I got a lot of things,” he said, adding, “I highly appreciated the fact that the team showed Daegu’s unique team color, which strengthens evenly as the game continues.”

Only 6 points difference from 3rd to 8th place
With all 21 rounds finished, FC Seoul, which failed to add points by giving up the game, is ahead of FC Seoul, which ranked third with 33 points, and Jeonbuk, which advanced to fourth place by winning Seoul. Following this, Daegu is in fifth place by two points, while Suwon Samsung and Daejeon, the lowest-ranked team, are in sixth place with multiple points, and Jeju, which is caught by Daegu, and Gwangju, which drew 11th-ranked Gangwon, are divided from 29 points to multiple points.

[Middle ranking of K League 1]
3rd place FC Seoul 33 points 33 points
4th place Jeonbuk Hyundai 33 points 26 points
5th place Daegu FC 31 points 26 points
6th place, Daejeon Hana, 29 points, 32 points
7th place Jeju Utd scored 29 points 29 points
8th place Gwangju FC 29 points 27 points

Daegu FC, which will play the 22nd round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at DGB Daegu Bank Park at 7 p.m. on the 11th, will be able to raise its ranking to 3rd place, which is higher than Seoul, if it wins the league’s 11th-ranked Gangwon FC.

At DGB Daegu Bank Park, 4 wins, 1 draw, and no loss against Gangwon
Head coach Choi Won-kwon, who is ahead of the home game against Gangwon, said, “Although the opposing Gangwon is in the relegation zone, the team has become stronger since the replacement of the coach, and the players are desperate,” adding, “I think it will not be an easy game, but I will prepare well and try to lead to consecutive wins in front of home fans.” Since the opening of Daepak in 2019, Daegu has continued its four wins and one draw against Gangwon at home, and has won four consecutive home games, especially except for the first match draw in the first year of the opening.

[Daegu FC DGB Daegu Bank Park vs Gangwon FC]
May 22, 2022, Daegu 3-0 Gangwon [Win]
2021 5.30 Daegu 1-0 Gangwon [Won]
2020.27 Daegu 2-1 Gangwon [Won]
2020.8.24 Daegu 3-1 Gangwon [Won]
June 15, 2019 Daegu 2-2 Gangwon [No]

In March, the first match of the season, in the Chuncheon expedition, Edgar’s first goal also scored a disappointing own goal, leading to a 1-1 draw. Daegu has experienced victory against seven of the 11 K League 1 opponents, and there is no victory yet in Incheon, Pohang, and Ulsan, including Gangwon. Following the home game against Gangwon, Daegu will continue its two consecutive away games against the promoted team against “Gwangju-Daejeon.”

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