In terms of studies, the WBC best player is definitely Tommy Hyeonsu Edmon

There is a player who played in the bullpen in Cleveland (2010-2012). It’s Frank Herman. His ML career record is 5 wins, 3 losses, 1 save and 7 holds (ERA 4.72). But this pitcher is famous for a reason. That’s because he’s a graduate of Harvard University’s Department of Economics. He left an anecdote that he spent a busy schedule as an investment advisor to his teammates.

Such highly educated, excellent talents come out from time to time. This is Tommy Hyeonsu Edman, who is of Korean descent, who will wear the Taegeuk mark in this WBC. He is from the prestigious Stanford. There, too, he majored in computer science, which is renowned.

America is so vast. As a result, it is divided by region. The PAC-12 is one of them. It is a league in which 12 universities in the western region participate. 24 sports, including baseball, football (American football) and basketball, compete. Berkeley, UCLA, and USC, including Stanford, belong here.

Stanford is also a prestigious school for baseball. Hall of Fame inducted Mike Mussina is from here. Detroit manager AJ Hinch is also a graduate. Ryan Gako and John Gal, who played in Korea, are also alumni.

Edmund shone in his junior year (2016). He posted career highs in hits (61), triples (4), runs scored (35) and stolen bases (8). He was named All-Pac-12 that year, an All-Star. He especially stood out at his shortstop. He was also on the Pac-12 First Team for the best defenseman.

Let’s say it’s baseball.메이저놀이터 Isn’t that a college sport? Study should not be neglected. This league also awards players who excel in academics. It’s called Academic All-Pac-12. He was also outstanding here. He was selected as a member of the first team. The previous grade point average (GPA) was 3.82. He is the highest among the 10 first team players. No, it’s more than that. It was the best performance in the history of this school baseball team for more than 100 years. I graduated early in 3 and a half years of a 4-year course.

What is noteworthy is the major. In English, it is Mathematical Computational Science. It is a place where mathematics and computer science are studied together. There is a company that graduates from here started up near the school (Silicon Valley). These are Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Snapchat, Cisco, and Netflix. Some say that the combined sales of companies founded by Stanford alumni are more than twice the GDP of Korea.

I went to high school near San Diego. It is a private school called La Jolla Country Day School. He was also an honor student here. He has a graduation grade point average (GPA) of 4.48. He received offers from the prestigious Notre Dame and Princeton Universities. However, he entered Stanford as a scholarship student.

As he is known, his mother is Korean. When he was 5 he immigrated to LA. My name is Kyungah Kwak. Her husband and her are a couple on campus. They met at Williams College. She is a prestigious private university in the East (Massachusetts). The student to faculty ratio is 7:1. It is famous for its many one-on-one classes.

Kwak’s husband, John Edman, Tommy’s father, majored in mathematical economics here. He was, of course, a baseball player. After graduation, he worked as a math teacher and baseball coach. She attends her son’s high school (La Jolla Country Day School).

The couple had two sons and one daughter. Tommy Hyeonsu is the second son. His older brother and younger sister are also baseball players. His older brother (John Edman III) works for the Minnesota Twins. He is part of the data research team. He was known as a Trackman operator. He majored in mathematics at the prestigious Wheaton College in Illinois.

His sister (Ellis) is of a similar profession. He is a systems engineer at the same job as his brother (St. Louis Cardinals). It is a similar part of our power analysis team. He graduated from the prestigious Davidson College in the East. During his student days, he played as a volleyball player. Everyone in his family is connected to baseball. And they are honor students who majored in ‘troublesome’ mathematics.

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