‘Joining FC Seoul’ Hwang Eui-jo, “I will help the prestigious team get to the right place”

“I’m joining a prestigious team called Seoul. I’ll help you get to the right place.”

FC Seoul said on the club website on the 5th, “We confirmed the rental recruitment of national striker Hwang Eui-jo (31).” We decided on this recruitment because we thought it would create a synergistic effect.”


FC Seoul expects a lot from Hwang Eui-jo. He only scored 43 points in 38 games last season despite having a stellar offense. He came in 11th out of 12 teams in the league. I hope that Hwang Eui-jo’s toes will explode together as Seoul moves forward toward a higher goal.

Hwang Eui-jo immediately joined the second winter battery training in Kagoshima, Japan, which will be held from the 6th. On the morning of the 6th, I met Hwang Eui-jo at the departure hall on the 3rd floor of Incheon International Airport Terminal 2, and had a short interview.

Q. Impressions

“It’s short, but I’m joining a prestigious team called Seoul. I’ll do my best for the team and for the fans.”

Q. Options such as the US

“I thought a lot about the future. It is true that there were proposals from various teams as well as the US. I had a lot of worries. I chose it. I thought it would be a good choice both as a team and as an individual.”

Q. In-Beom Hwang of Olympiacos

“I decided to leave the team and started talking about it. I heard about Seoul’s strengths. I knew about the K-League because I had experienced it, but it was the first team called Seoul. I shared those things.”

Q. Coach Ahn Ik-soo

“I felt like I was reminded of my rookie days. Everyone must know that the coach is very scary. In reality, he gives me a lot of good and warm words. As a soccer player, I have a lot to learn.”

“I think I have to run for six months with the mindset of a rookie.”

Q. Hwang In-beom’s advice

“He said that he was motivated just by having a team called Seoul, playing in Sangam, and having a lot of fans. I want to help the fans as much as I can so that they don’t get disappointed.”

Q. The Seoul team scored poorly

“I also have to improve my performance while playing the game as much as possible in the field training in Japan. And I will help Seoul get to the right place by scoring many goals during the season.”

Q. Nottingham

“The Nottingham side also told me to do it for six months. I came to Seoul on the condition that I go back after that. I think we will know after that when the time comes.”

Q. The importance of the 6 months

“It was an important decision for me too, it was a tough decision and I had a lot of thoughts. I will try to improve my performance during the 6 months and show good results and appearance next season.”

Q. Current form

“I continued training (at Olympiacos). I think there is no problem with my condition. I think it will be good when the season starts if I know the direction the team wants and adapt to it while working with the Seoul players.”

Q. How do you feel about returning to the K-League


Q. Range of Satisfaction

“I haven’t set a goal. Melting into the team comes first. I think the first thing is to improve while playing. I haven’t set a personal goal. But since I’m a striker, if I can score, I’ll put in as many goals as possible.”

Q. Contact with current and former teammates

“(B) I did it after the decision was made with Sang-ho, and (Ki) I contacted Sung-yong hyung before that. He told me to come when the opportunity came. He told me a lot of good things, and rather than just coming, he shared his experiences so far. It was very helpful.”

Q. Many fans visiting the airport

“Thank you for coming to the stadium from the morning. I heard that many fans came to the stadium, and I hope more fans will come and support us. I want to let people know that Seoul is a team that plays good football.”

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