Kang Dong-gung “I win 3 PBA wins before Jo Jae-ho”

Kang Dong-gung (SK Rent-A-Car) expressed his determination to achieve 3 wins on the PBA Tour, the first Korean professional billiards association.

On the 8th, Kang Dong-gung scored a set score of 1-4 (2:15 15:9 12:15 13:15 14:15) in the 2022-23 Crown Haitai PBA Championship finals held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Jae-ho Cho (NH Nonghyup Card). ) gave the top.

Kang Dong-gung went down from the PBA Tour Korean career win-loss solo first place to a tie for first place with Jo Jae-ho. While congratulating her close friend Jo Jae-ho, she expressed her determination to win her third career title first. Below is the full text of Kang Dong-gung press conference questions/answers.

  • Impressions of the game

▲ It was a pity that I was in the finals for the first time this season. But I believe that another opportunity will come. The World Championship remains. I will prepare well for the rest of the period, work hard, and try to make good grades.

  • The most difficult thing about this final match 카지노

▲ Matches are always difficult. My best friend and I think I made a lot of mistakes in the chance to do well in this final. I miss those parts. It’s a pity that it was reversed again in a reversed situation. – Specifically, under what circumstances did you fail to

overcome the hurdle?

I should have thought about it a little more carefully, but I have a feeling that I didn’t make a perfect design thinking that it was a little easy on my own. In addition, Jo Jae-ho showed his back, and the match was overturned, and the blow was even greater.

  • The final match with your best friend must have felt different

▲ You played a lot of matches since you were an amateur. They also competed in many important finals. After his professional debut, we met for the first time in the biggest final, and there was a little pressure on both of them. His concentration was a little less than that of Jo Jae-ho. I don’t think I played well, but I think Jo Jae-ho did a little better. I sincerely congratulate you and applaud you.

  • The regular tour has ended. Evaluate this season

▲ On the pro stage, every game is difficult. Every game is the final, and I don’t feel comfortable no matter who I meet. Also, it seems that the players practice a lot as time passes. As the season goes on, I feel like my skills are leveling up. Those factors make me work harder. All players will feel the same way.

  • If there is a lesson learned from this final,

▲ I practiced hard before this tournament, but I couldn’t show it (in practice). Rather, it seems that the match worked out well while copying the opponent’s strengths. I tried pitches and strokes that I hadn’t done before during the tournament. Now that the competition is over, I plan to go to the training ground and practice again.

  • A word to Cho Jae-ho

▲ (Jo Jae-ho) won twice this year, so I’m envious. Among domestic players, we are the only two to win twice. I gave up on this win, but I will take the third win first. It feels good to have my best friend win the first and last competitions this season. I hope to enjoy the feeling of winning with a good mood until the ‘World Championship’ in the future.

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