Ko Jin-young and Lim Seong-jae’s ‘reversal’

There is a saying in the golf world that you can tell the character of a player by looking at the performance they wrote for four days. Even after a few persistent players managed to pass the cut, they cut a lot of strokes over the weekend to raise the rankings. The same goes for winning. This is the reason why players who win a lot of come-from-behind championships have names such as ‘perseverance’, ‘perseverance’, and ‘backward’.

In the Cognitive Founders Cup of the LPGA Tour, which ended on the 15th, Ko Jin-young won the come-from-behind championship once again. He is showing extraordinary tenacity enough to decorate six of his 15 LPGA tour victories as come-from-behind victories. In this tournament, Ko Jin-young’s come-from-behind victory seemed difficult. This is because they started the final day’s game tied for 4th place by 4 strokes. There was a dominant expectation that he would not win as the player who was at the forefront was Lee Min-ji, one of the best players in the world. However, befitting the nickname ‘Viper’, Ko Jin-young held on until the end. In the end, he led the game to overtime and confirmed the championship in the first overtime.

What gets as much attention as Ko Jin-young’s come-from-behind victory is his mindset. Ever since he was a junior dreaming of becoming a professional golfer, he has often been told that he is ‘strong’, and he is still dealing with golf with an unchanging attitude. In the interview, “I do my best every moment to have a better tomorrow than yesterday,” you can see what Jinyoung Ko had in mind.

The fact that he did not set his own limits is also the driving force behind Ko Jin-young’s success. The swing coach and management officials who guide Ko Jin-young say in unison that “Ko Jin-young is a player who never gives up under any circumstances.” In this way, he did not set his own limits and silently took one step forward, becoming the present Ko Jin-young. Im Seong-jae, who was said to have been inspired by Ko Jin-young, also overturned the 5-stroke car and reached the top of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Woori Financial Championship on the 14th. Watching them, his fellow players reflected on how they were preoccupied with negative thoughts even before the start 카지노사이트.

Ko Jin-young gave a strong resonance to us as well as his fellow players. The conviction that if you don’t give up even if you start late compared to others or even if you stumble sometimes, you can reach your final destination.

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