Korea Little League fails to qualify for World Series

Korean Little League team misses out on World Series berth

The 2023 Little League Baseball World Series Organizing Committee announced on March 30 (local time) that the Gui-Shan Little League Team from Taiwan will advance to the 2023 World Series as the winner of the Asia-Pacific Regional Qualifier. “We have confirmed that two players from the Namsoul A team,메이저놀이터 which won the Asia-Pacific Qualifier for Korea, played in the Korean Qualifier for the Namsoul B team,” the organizers said, declaring a 0-6 forfeit for the Namsoul A team. It is against the rules for a player who played for the B team in the Korean qualifiers to play for the A team in the Asia-Pacific qualifiers.

Seo Chae-hyun takes the lead after eight World Cup sport climbing events

South Korean women’s sport climber Seo Chae-hyun (Seoul Metropolitan Government) finished fourth in the women’s lead at the eighth edition of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Cup 2023 in Valais, Switzerland, on Sunday (Feb. 2) with 43 holds. After qualifying in fifth place, Seo finished second in the semifinals, and despite her 43 holds in the final, she fell short of the medal podium due to her qualifying performance. Her teammate, Kim Jain, finished seventh.

KBL suspended Day One, owes 200 million won in arrears for use of Goyang Gymnasium

Goyang Day One Sports, which was suspended from the Korean Basketball League (KBL) for late payment of league membership fees and non-payment of player wages, has failed to pay 185 million won ($185,000) for the use of the Goyang Gymnasium from the beginning of this year to the end of June. The Goyang City Management Corporation sent the first notice of demand for payment on March 27, and plans to proceed with an eviction order and administrative lawsuit if the arrears are not resolved. Day One reportedly owes money not only to the gym but also to restaurants in the Daehwa-dong area of Ilsanseo-gu.

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