KT-T1, ‘full set’ clash in 2044 days… ‘Who won then?’

KT, with the highest score, will compete against T1 in 2044 days.

At 3 pm on the 25th, in the 2023 LCK Spring Playoffs 2R 1 set match held at Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, T1 and KT scored 2-2 and headed for a full set match. 메이저놀이터

The last full set match between the two teams was in the 2017 summer. KT (Smap-Score-Pawn-Deft-Mata), which was a super team at the time, led 1-2 sets, then gave up 3-4-5 sets and allowed a reverse sweep.

In particular, in the 5th set at the time, Deft’s Sivir suffered an accident rather than being tied to a collar that Bang (Zaya) sprayed, and lost to SKT T1.

In the first set of the playoffs between the two teams, about 5 years and months after the accident, T1’s snowballing led by Lucian-Nami (Kumayushi-Keria) and Alice (owner) buried KT, In the second set, KT counterattacked and balanced 1-1 with the ‘stick man (Jacks, Giin). In the 3rd set, T1 took the lead again, but in the 4th set, KT regained the balance.

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