Last in batting, first in kills…Han Dong-hee’s harsh growing pains

Han Dong-hee (photo), the “big gun” of the Lotte Giants in professional baseball, is rarely showing his skills this season. Since 꽁머니사이트 he became the main player, he has been sluggish for the longest time. Han Dong-hee’s rebound is urgently needed for a team that is busy on its way to re-enter the fall baseball league.

Lotte lost 1-4 against KIA in Gwangju on the 29th. In the previous three consecutive games against Doosan, they lost for two consecutive days, overshadowing their first winning series in July. With the defeat, Lotte remained in sixth place without a difference from seventh-ranked KIA.

Lotte’s dedication of three runs in the bottom of the fourth inning was a decisive factor in the defeat. Starter Lee In-bok gave up a walk to Choi Hyung-woo after being hit by leadoff hitter Na Sung-bum, causing a crisis of first and second base with no outs. Fortunately, he wanted to increase the out count by inducing a grounder to follow-up batter Socrates, but first baseman Han Dong-hee made a catch error. Han Dong-hee spilled Socrates’ ordinary bound ball back. At this time, third baseman Na Sung-beom came home and gave up the first run. Since then, he has given up two more points in an instant with two consecutive sacrifice flies. Han Dong-hee, who recorded a painful mistake, hit a double play in the top of the fifth inning to pour cold water.

Han Dong-hee also made a decisive mistake against KIA (5-6 Lotte loss) on the 28th. Starting as the eighth batter and third baseman, he failed to catch Kim Sun-bin’s grounder in the top of the first inning. With this mistake, KIA had a chance to get the bases loaded and scored three runs in the first inning alone due to Lee Woo-sung’s two-run timely hit. Without Han Dong-hee’s mistake on the day, it was even more painful because Lotte could have won possibility of Lotte. Lotte scored one point each in the eighth and ninth innings and lost by one point.

This season, Han Dong-hee is showing disappointment in both offense and defense. First of all, in the offense, his performance is very low with a season batting average of 0.211 (52 hits in 246 at-bats), four home runs, and 27 RBIs OPS of 0.561. In particular, both batting average and OPS are the last among 51 league hitters who have filled the prescribed at-bats. The number of double plays is first. Kim Tae-gun recorded 13 double plays with Pirella (Samsung) and Yang Eui-ji (Doosan).

The defense is also unstable. Nine errors are the most in the team. Compared to Noh Jin-hyuk (8th) and Lee Hak-joo (6th), the shortstop with the highest defensive difficulty among the positions, his slump is even more noticeable.

For Lotte, Han Dong-hee’s slump is regrettable. This is because he usually practices harder than anyone else and plays in a serious manner. Han Dong-hee hit a .300 batting average for the first time since her debut last season. It was career high. Nevertheless, during the last stove league, he continued to sharpen his bat. He changed his batting posture to increase his driving distance to achieve double-digit home runs for four consecutive seasons, and he was so determined that he chose an optional salary contract. However, the consequences are ironically leading to a slump. It is virtually impossible to achieve the option offered by Han Dong-hee in the annual salary contract.

Infield utility Nico Goodrum joined the team to rebound this season, and if Ko Seung-min returns from injury soon, Lotte will have no choice but to choose Han Dong-hee’s second division.

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