Lee Jong-woon, director of Lotte Futures, who reunited with his old pupil, “Congratulations to Hyun-hee, who returned to her hometown”

The Lotte Giants completed their third FA recruitment on the 17th. He signed a 3+1 year contract with Han Hyun-hee, who took off the Kiwoom Heroes uniform, for a total of 4 billion won. And one person who heard this news did not hide his joy.

Lotte Futures coach Lee Jong-woon was in charge of his alma mater, Gyeongnam High School, until 10 years ago. He sent many of his students to become pros, and among them, Han Hyun-hee, who led the team to victory in the 2010 Blue Dragon Championship with Shim Chang-min, was his favorite student.

After advancing to the pros, when manager Lee was divided into Lotte and Han Hyun-hee was divided into Nexen, the relationship between teacher and student was still the same. To the extent that they exchanged good wishes while looking for the dugout of the opposing team. That’s how special the two were.

When Han Hyun-hee moved to Lotte, the person who was most delighted was Lee. At the initiation ceremony on the 19th, Han Hyun-hee said, “Director (Lee Jong-woon) called right after the news of the contract was delivered. He congratulated me so much and said that he wanted me to show my skills by working hard in the future.”

In a phone interview with MK Sports after the joining ceremony, coach Lee said, “It is really something to celebrate that Hyun-hee came to her hometown, Busan. He was a really good choice for the club. Hyun-hee said, “He is a player who can be useful to the team.” “As he was my student, I have high expectations that he will do well. Also, he hopes that Hyun-hee will do as well as the club expects.”

He continued, “He told Hyun-hee to take good care of her body and not get sick again. And he never forgot to say that he should always be grateful for the club’s choice. For now, I just support Hyun-hee in my heart to help the team’s performance.”

Gyeongnam High School ace Han Hyun-hee’s professional career is currently at an important turning point. He ranked first in holds for two consecutive years in the 2013 and 2014 seasons, and achieved 24 holds again in the 2019 season. He was evaluated as a unique pitcher who could go back and forth between starting and bullpen. However, in recent years, he has been criticized for body care and personal problems, and he was hurt so much that he could not find a team for a long time in the free agency process. The 2023 season, a new start, is very important to Han Hyun-hee. 카지노

Director Lee said, “The most important thing in a pro is self-management. Hyeon-hee would have realized that too. I think it must have been a lot of trouble as the FA contract was delayed. It’s been a lot of experience. I hope you will do better than before through thorough management.”

Director Lee, who directly observed Han Hyun-hee’s hottest days in high school. Unlike the pros, Lee’s affection was unique as it was a high school coach-athlete relationship that had a deep meaning as a true teacher. He warmly welcomed his old pupil one last time, leaving behind his advice.

Director Lee said, “I think Hyun-hee must have been in pain during the FA period. It also seemed like a lot of determination to do better. Isn’t the best place for professionals to acknowledge themselves? I want Lotte to feel grateful and grateful and do well, and I want them to show their responsibility without losing it.”

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