Lee Jung-hoo, who is on the operating table of “Korean Baseball Super Emergency,” is inevitably absent for three months

Kiwoom said on the 24th, “Lee Jung-hoo received detailed checkups such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and X-ray at 토토사이트 CM Hospital and Sejong Sports Orthopedic Surgery on the 24th. He was diagnosed with damage to the left ankle extension zone and needs suture surgery, he said. “The rehabilitation period after surgery takes about three months, and it can change depending on the speed of recovery.” He also added, “The damage to the renal zone is the damage to the membrane surrounding the tendon of the ankle.”

Lee Jung-hoo was replaced because he felt pain in his left ankle during defense in the bottom of the eighth inning against the Lotte Giants on the 22nd. He was removed from the first-tier entry on the 23rd and underwent two thorough checkups on the morning and afternoon of the 24th.

For Kiwoom, it’s an emergency. Lee Jung-hoo has been the center of the team’s outfield since his time with the Nexen Heroes. Debuting in 2017, he stood up in less than a month when he was removed from the first-tier entry due to shoulder pain in 2018 and side pain in 2021. He played more than 100 games every season until last year, boasting the same ability and will as “Iron Man.” It was the centerpiece of the “heart of nurture.” However, he played only 85 games this season and is on the verge of “season out.”

Kiwoom had to fill Lee Jung-hoo’s vacancy from the match against Lotte on the 23rd. Fortunately, substitute foreign hitter Ronnie Dawson was able to put out the emergency fire thanks to his strong performance with three hits, one home run, and three RBIs in five at-bats. However, Dawson was a candidate who should have a synergy effect as a corner outfielder if Lee Jung-hoo plays as a center fielder. As Lee Jung-hoo’s long-term departure is inevitable, the outfield needs to be reorganized around Dawson. Veteran Lee Yong-kyu, who returned from injury, as well as Lim Byung-wook, Kim Joon-wan, and Lee Hyung-jong should help minimize Lee Jung-hoo’s gap.

As he is on the operating table, it is expected that Lee Jung-hoo will not be able to participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which will open in September. His departure, the core of offense and defense, is also a great loss to the national baseball team led by head coach Ryu Joong-il. There were many dark clouds from the start for Ryu Joong-il’s Asian Games preparation process and achievement of his gold medal goal.

It could be a negative factor for Lee Jung-hoo. After the end of this season, Lee Jung-hoo plans to challenge the Major League through a posting system (private competitive bidding). However, in July, when the season was in full swing, he encountered a reef called ankle surgery. His healthy return also depends on his personal ambition to enter the dream stage. In many ways, baseball fans have drawn attention to the successful rehabilitation of “genius hitters.”

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