Level up alone

In the 2023 LCK Spring Playoffs 2R 4th set match held at Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul at 3:00 pm on the 26th, Gen. ) made an overwhelming difference on the bottom line.

Blueside’s Gen.G (Doran-Peanut-Choppy-Face-Delight) chose Xante-Bai-LeBlanc-Aphelios-Thresh, and Banned Caitlyn-Lucian-Barus-Yone-Tristana.

Redside’s Hanwha Life Insurance (Kingen-Clyde-Zekka-Viper-Life) chose Nar-Sejuani-Gragas-Jaya-Lakan against this and banned Annie-Alice-Jerry-Maokai-Wukong.

Both Lee Sin and LeBlanc were left, but I was a little curious about Gen.G’s ban-pick intention, which did not pick them. As for ban-picking, Hanwha Life Insurance, which stuck to ‘remote initiating’, and Jen, who had champions with an affinity for ‘individual self-reliance’ The combination of Ji faced.

To sum it up, it was a combination Gen.G could laugh at if he could endure one initiation.

The key player was Faze (Aphelios), who showed off ‘I Level Up Alone’.

There was a small accident in the LV.1 beginner top line, but the leveling up of the phase started while the opponents were heading to the top.

Due to Gen.G’s support Delight (Thresh)’s use of blink, Hanwha Life’s Viper (Xayah)’s blink-ultimate was exhausted. Just like the ‘beginner’s support set’, Phase (Aphelios), who had the half-moon sword-slicing sword in his hand, started ‘leveling up’ by easily acquiring 3 turret gold while Viper retreated.

Afterwards, Phez’s Aphelios, who headed to the top line with the opponent’s line swap, accelerated his growth by mining three turrets once again. 안전놀이터

Phase acquired 1050 gold of turret shield gold, adding to his 16 CS advantage and widening the overwhelming gold gap. The gold difference only visible as an item reached 1400 gold (shoe upgrade + vampiric scythe).

It was literally ‘leveling up alone’ itself.

-Lv. 45 Shadow Lord

The level up of the “Arise”

phase is not over. This time, he showed his skills in ‘large-scale siege warfare’.

In the 18th minute when Bai collapsed, a team fight with an outnumbered team started in the midline. In particular, the phase that finished ‘leveling up alone’ became the main prey of the enemies.

However, Faze avoided his opponent Zeka (Gragas)’s ultimate with ‘Knowledge Color’. It was thanks to the ‘special ability’ I learned from leveling up.

FaZe evaded Gragas’ skill and Rakan’s skill, which clung like a ‘shadow’, by flashing faster than light. Then, he gave fear of death to Jeka and Viper with Moonlight Cannon and Flame Cannon, and he became a ‘shadow lord’ who could not chase even the shadows.

-LV. 99 phases

Gen.G, who had been with the ‘Shadow Lord’ phase, who could not even break the shadow, headed for the opponent’s camp lightly.

From the 22nd minute, Gen.G toured the opponent’s bottom-mid and broke all the 2nd towers, won the top-mid goal exchange at 25 minutes, and Delight, which raised the phase to LV.99, was also beyond knowledge. With ‘future time’, he predicted Kingen’s Gnar one second later, then dyed the next one second black.

It was a somewhat unfair situation, but Hanwha Life Insurance, who could not tolerate the situation where only the opponent leveled up, threw a win.

In the 26th minute, Hanwha Life Insurance ran near Baron and aimed for Gen.G’s gap when he tried to return. Gen.G also seemed to block it somewhat hastily, but soon after, Chovy (LeBlanc)’s outboxing and Doran’s (Xante)’s endurance calmly defeated the opponent’s surprise attempt and finally won.

Gen.G, who wiped out all opponents, headed straight to the Nexus, and the victory was decided.

The MVP went to Delight (Thresh) who allowed ‘Only me to level up’.

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