Lin Xiaojun (Lim Hyo-jun), the first World Cup gold medal after naturalization from China ‘Relay gold added’

Lin Xiaojun (27, Korean name Lim Hyo-jun) won the first gold medal after naturalizing in China. He also won a gold medal for China in the men’s 5000m relay.

Xiaojun Lin crossed the finish line first, recording 41 seconds 329 in the men’s 500m final at the ‘2022-23 International Skating Union (ISU) Short Track World Cup (5th)’ held in Dresden, Germany on the 5th (Korean time).

Xiaojun Lin took the lead with two laps to go. Kim Tae-seong (22, Dankook University) and Steven Dubois (Canada), who were running ahead, took the lead while fighting for a place. Lin Xiaojun was the first to enter, and the scene of stealing tears was captured on the TV screen. China’s Zong Yuchen came in second after Lin Xiaojun, taking both the gold and silver medals at the same time. Kim Tae-seong was disqualified.

With this, Lin Xiaojun won the first World Cup medal after naturalizing in China in June 2020. It is Lin Xiaojun who was unable to participate in the Beijing Olympics held last year in accordance with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regulations that require naturalization three years before the Olympics.

Xiaojun Lin became popular by winning the men’s 1500m gold medal at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics as a representative of Korea. However, during rock climbing training at the Jincheon National Training Center in June 2019, Lin Xiaojun was controversial for taking down the pants of a junior short tracker and exposing part of his body. The Korea Ice Skating Federation, through a fact-finding investigation, judged Lin Xiaojun’s actions as sexual harassment and imposed a one-year suspension of qualifications. However, in the process of being sentenced to a fine of 3 million won in the first trial, Xiaojun Lin chose to become a naturalized Chinese citizen and received public criticism.

In May 2021, Xiaojun Lin was acquitted in an appeal trial on charges of indecent assault. “It can be criticized, but it is difficult to see it as sexual harassment,” he said, overturning the centrifuge. However, Lin Xiaojun was already a naturalized Chinese citizen at the time. Lin Xiaojun has been playing for the Chinese national team since the 2022-2023 season.

With Lin Xiaojun’s gold medal, China won its second World Cup gold medal this season. China won the gold medal by beating Korea in the mixed 2000m relay at the second event (Salt Lake City, USA). It is the first gold medal in the individual event.

Xiaojun Lin also competed in the men’s 5000m relay final held shortly after, giving China a gold medal. China recorded 6:51:106, surpassing Japan (6:51:173), Hungary (6:52:326), and Canada (6:52:504). Korea was eliminated in the semifinals. 스포츠토토

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