Manager Yang Dae-in to be appointed as Weibo Gaming’s head coach

Director Yang Dae-in, who took the helm of Dplus Kia and T1, is expected to head to Weibo Gaming.

Coach Dae-in Yang, a former PUBG player, joined Damwon Kia, the predecessor of D+ Kia, in 2020 and led the team in its heyday. At the League of Legends World Championship (Rolls Cup) held in Shanghai, China in 2020, Suning (now Weibo Gaming) was defeated 3-1 to lift the Summoner’s Cup.

Coach Dae-in Yang, who went to T1 after the season, left the team in the middle of the 2021 LCK summer and then returned to Damwon Kia, served as an analyst and manager, and left the team after the 2022 season 온라인카지노.

Director Yang Dae-in’s Weibo gaming row recently leaked through Weibo. Weibo Gaming, which built an all-star lineup including ‘TheShy’ Seung-rok Kang, ‘Shaohu’ Yuan-hao, ‘Casa’ Hong Hao-xuan, ‘Light’ Guang-yu Yang, and ‘Crisp’ Qing-song Liu, won 11 wins and 5 losses in LPL Springs. They finished third, but were eliminated in the third round of the playoffs by losing to Bilibili Gaming (BLG) 0-3.

Weibo Gaming, which terminated the contract with manager Lee Ji-hoon after the season, found a new manager and seems to have signed a contract with manager Yang Dae-in. An official told Daily eSports, “I understand that the contract between manager Yang Dae-in and Weibo Gaming has been virtually finalized.”

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