No. 51 Matt Olson ties Atlanta franchise record for home runs in a season

Matt Olson (Atlanta), who has been hitting home runs in a row, set a tie record for the most home runs in the club’s history in a season.메이저놀이터

Olson started the game against Philadelphia at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 13th (Korea Standard Time) as the first baseman and scored two hits (one home run) and two RBIs in four at-bats.

Olson, who stepped down with a grounder to second base in the top of the first inning, went out as the leadoff hitter in the fourth inning when his team was being dragged 0-1 and drew an arch. He kicked up a 94.5-mile low four-seam fastball by opposing starter Jack Wheeler to hit his 51st solo home run of the season over the left-center fence. It had a launch angle of 37 degrees, a batting speed of 99.5 miles, and a flying distance of 367 feet.

This puts Olsen on par with Andrew Jones in 2005. If you add one more home run in the remaining games, you can write a new history of the club.

Olsen hit eight home runs in 12 games in September, leading the race for home run king. The gap with Pete Alonso (44, New York Mets), the second-ranked home run in the National League, is seven. There is also a gap of seven with Shohei Otani (44, Los Angeles Angels), who was fighting for the lead in all home runs in the Major League until the end of last month. Otani has been absent for nine consecutive games since the match against Oakland on the 4th due to a side injury.

Olsen is far ahead of Alonso (105), who ranks second in the National League, in not only home runs but also in RBIs (128 points).

He beat Philadelphia 7-6 after 10 extra innings. Acuña Jr. hit his 37th home run of the season and is on the verge of joining the 40-40 steal club for the fifth time in Major League history.

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