“Now I can go to Japan,” he joked in front of reporters…and the Angels’ head coach was going to get his ass kicked.

Los Angeles Angels general manager Perry Minassian expected himself to be blamed for Shohei Ohtani’s injury. After a press conference emphasizing that it was not the responsibility of the club, he joked, “Now I can go to Japan,” it was revealed by American media reports 온라인바카라.

On the 24th (Korean time), Ohtani started in the first game of the doubleheader against the Cincinnati Reds and threw only 1⅓ innings before being knocked out early. Ligament damage in his right elbow was discovered, and he was sidelined for the rest of the season. While the Angels’ team’s setbacks to advance into the postseason are likely, the relationship between the club and Ohtani seems to be getting farther and farther away. As if conscious of the gaze that Minassian couldn’t prevent Ohtani’s injury in advance, he said, “Ohtani refused to be tested,” causing a stir.

Ohtani came off the mound after 4 innings due to finger cramps in the game against Seattle on the 4th. Even so, he did not skip the rotation and took the mound before San Francisco on the 10th. He did not throw the ball afterwards, citing arm fatigue, but returned on the 24th and had an accident.

Director Minassian explained about this process on the 27th. According to Minassian’s explanation, the Angels club invited Ohtani to undergo a checkup after the game on the 4th, but the agency rejected it. Director Minassian said, “I recommended a test, but Ohtani and the agent refused. I understand. Maybe I didn’t think the test was necessary because of the finger cramps.” He also added, “It was the first time after the injury (on the 24th) to take an MRI. At the beginning of this year, Ohtani and the agency also refused.”

It was a statement that could be heard as shifting the blame to the player, that Ohtani had refused to take an MRI before the elbow injury. As if conscious of this, Minassian general manager said, “Ohtani and I have been together for three years. We had a good season with Ohtani for three years in our own way. We have no regrets. It’s unfortunate, but injuries can happen.”

It may have been thought of as a transparent disclosure of information, but depending on the view, it was a remark that could be regarded as ‘avoidance of responsibility’. Fans intuited a farewell between the two at the remarks with the meaning of ‘the club wanted a test, but the player did not want it’.

The Washington Post said on the 28th, “Director Minassian did not get angry when he revealed that Ohtani and the agency had refused the examination.” “It was clear. The Angels said they weren’t hurting baseball’s most valuable star.”

He added, “As the camera went down and the microphone went off, Minassian joked with a half-smile, ‘I can go to Japan now’.” It is not the responsibility of the club, so it shows that there is no problem even if you visit Japan.

Japan’s Chunichi Sports explained, “(Director Minasian) was aware that if he went to Japan, he could receive cold eyes.” The American media also took a similar view. Fox Sports wrote, “The cornered Angels are trying to relieve the club of responsibility for Ohtani’s injury.”

Even on the day of the injury, the Angels could not confirm Ohtani’s injury in time. Ohtani, who participated in the first game as a pitcher and second batter, blocked the first inning with two strikeouts and no runs, and hit a home run in the subsequent at-bat. Skipping the rotation due to fatigue in his right arm and taking enough rest seemed to be working. However, Ohtani suddenly looked at his bench in the middle of pitching in the second inning as if there was something wrong. The Angels decided to change pitchers.

Ohtani started the second game of the ensuing doubleheader as the designated hitter and finished without a substitute. It was expected that the injury might not be serious, but it was not. The situation was serious. The reason for the replacement, later revealed, was right elbow ligament damage. Ohtani did not pitch as a pitcher for the rest of the season and only played as a designated hitter. Director Minassian once again emphasized Ohtani’s intention, saying, “It is Ohtani’s decision whether to participate or not,” and “We support him.”

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