Oh Hyun-gyu rises, Cho Kyu-seong and Hwang Eui-jo slow down… Klins Manho’s ‘FW Three Kingdoms’, the game was overturned

With Klins Manho, the frontline striker, Samgukji finishing the first round, it seems that the ‘youngest’ Oh Hyun-gyu took the lead.

The soccer team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann lost 1-2 in a friendly match against Uruguay held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th.

The national team conceded the first goal to Sebastian Coates in the 10th minute of the first half, and Hwang In-beom tied the score in the 6th minute of the second half, but lost an additional goal to Mathias Vecino in the 18th minute of the second half. 메이저사이트

It was a game in which a valuable treasure was discovered despite regret.

In the future, the Asian Cup, the World Cup Asian qualifiers, and the 2026 North and Central America World Cup were found.

The main character is Oh Hyun-kyu, the youngest member of the national team, born in 2001.

Oh Hyeon-kyu, who is active in Scotland’s prestigious Celtic, has achieved remarkable growth since last year.

Oh Hyun-kyu, who saved Suwon Samsung from the relegation crisis by scoring 14 goals in the K-League 1 last season, accompanied the team to the World Cup in Qatar as a reserve member and advanced to the European stage through the winter transfer window.

In the two consecutive A-match friendly matches, they all participated as substitutes in the second half, but they performed more impressively than position competitors Hwang Eui-jo and Cho Kyu-seong.

Oh Hyun-kyu, who shook the opponent’s defense by showing vigorous movements in the previous match against Colombia, shook the opponent’s net with a powerful right-footed turning shot in the match against Uruguay.

Although it was not recognized as a goal as it was declared offside by a narrow margin, it was a moment when I felt the weight and destructive power hidden after entering the national team in November of last year.

While Oh Hyun-kyu is ahead in the frontline striker competition, Cho Kyu-seong and Hwang Eui-jo, who competed for starting positions in the Qatar World Cup, seem to be slowing down a bit.

Cho Kyu-seong, who rose to stardom at the World Cup in Qatar, made a lot of noise during the winter transfer market by saying, “I’m going to Europe or not,” and his team, Jeonbuk Hyundai, is also showing lower-than-expected performance.

It has been a month since the start of the season, but he has yet to regain his normal condition.

In the game against Colombia, he was the first to be selected by coach Klinsman, but was replaced in the second half without proving his destructive power in front of the goal.

Hwang Eui-jo, who is aiming for a comeback at FC Seoul, was not much different from his World Cup appearance.

He started against Uruguay that day, but was blocked by the defense and struggled without even hitting a single shot for 70 minutes.

Unlike Oh Hyeon-gyu, who was replaced by Hwang Eui-jo, who left a deep impression in a short time with good touch and shooting, it was revealed that he still needs more game sense.

The next A match is in June. Europe is after the season is over, but the K-League is in the middle of the season. Hwang Eui-jo and Cho Kyu-seong can benefit from this period.

So far, Oh Hyun-kyu seems to be slightly ahead, but if Hwang Ui-jo and Cho Kyu-seong improve their physical condition, the competition for the front striker of the national team is expected to heat up even more.

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