Ohtani breaks scoreboard with huge foul… Mets “I’ll send you a bill”

On the 27th, Ohtani pulled a changeup thrown by starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco (36) in the first inning at bat in a 2-ball, 1-strike situation in an away game for the New York Mets, and hit the LED light advertising billboard at the top of the outfield stands behind the right fielder. The part where Ohtani’s batted ball touched the fire went out as soon as the ball grazed 온라인바카라.

This ball could have been a home run if it had gone right next to the pole and landed just a little bit to the left. As for the Mets, it almost gave them the first point with a solo shot. However, the Mets club said, “I will send a bill for that case. Shohei,” he responded with a witty response to the opponent’s strong foul home run.

Ohtani, who fouled off Carrasco’s sinker and slider, and other breaking balls two or three more times after that, eventually caught Carrasco’s four-seam fastball and made a double that hit the right-middle wall directly. did. After running away to 3-0, Ohtani hit a big triple in the same direction in his second at-bat with the second out runner on first base, and then hit home again on the follow-up hit.

Ohtani was diagnosed with elbow ligament damage after feeling uncomfortable pitching on the 23rd, making it impossible for him to pitch for the rest of the season. In addition, since it will take at least five months to return to batting if he undergoes future surgery, there are concerns that Ohtani’s free agent (FA) ransom will drop after this season.

Nevertheless, Ohtani is still proving that his hitting ability is intact. On this day, Ohtani led the team to a 5-3 victory with 2 hits, 2 walks, 1 RBI and 2 runs in 3 at-bats. The double hit in his first at bat had an exit velocity of 176 km/h.

As for pitcher Ohtani’s appearance, Ohtani, who hit 44 homers this season, is leading Matt Olson (Atlanta, 43 homers) by one home run.

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