Once Park Ji-sung’s successor… Lee Jae-seong, who flutters, proves his true worth

Lee Jae-seong (31), who plays for Mainz in the German Bundesliga, has recently been operating the scorer one after another. Lee Jae-seong, who was once mentioned as the successor to Park Ji-sung, is finally showing his true value.

Lee Jae-sung has played 24 games for Mainz this season, scoring 7 goals and 3 assists. This is a record that far exceeds last year’s 4 goals and 3 assists. Lee Jae-seong, who moved from Holstein Kiel in the German second division to Mainz in the first division ahead of the 2021-2022 season, seems to be in full bloom this season. 먹튀검증

His recent scoring streak has been remarkable. Lee Jae-sung is showing off his improved skills by recording 5 goals and 2 assists in matches played since the 2022 Qatar World Cup last year.

Lee Jae-sung’s attacking talent is shining. Lee Jae-seong shook the net with a header when attacking a corner kick 1 minute 32 seconds into the first half against Dortmund on the 26th of last month, and scored a goal 43 seconds after the start of the game against Bochum on the 28th of the same month.

The growth of Lee Jae-sung is a welcome thing for the Korean national team as well. Lee Jae-sung was once mentioned as Park Ji-sung’s successor and attracted attention, but he did not perform as well as expected.

Lee Jae-sung was given the task of devoting himself to the team while playing the role of connecting the air and defense. Because of this, his national team’s goals and assists have also plummeted. There was no attack point at the Qatar World Cup.

Lee Jae-seong, who was like that, is becoming more frequent in his team, Mainz, as he increases his participation in attacks and shakes the net. It is reminiscent of the scene where Park Ji-sung scored a goal in an important game while playing the role of midfielder in the past.

Coincidentally, even on the European stage, where Lee Jae-sung was watching, cases of similarity with Park Ji-sung began to appear.

British media HITC reported that English Premier League Crystal Palace are interested in Lee Jae-sung’s transfer. “Lee Jae-sung is an energetic, attack-oriented midfielder like Park Ji-sung. His reckless movements and great finishes are his strengths,” he said.

Lee Jae-seong also seems to have a will to advance to the Premier League, the most popular league in the world. Lee Jae-sung expressed his desire to go on a bigger stage in a blog earlier this year.

As Mainz tries to hold on to Lee Jae-seong, who has risen, attention is expected to be focused on what choice Lee Jae-seong will make after this season.

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