Park Chan-ho’s ligaments are bleeding like wildfire… 3 weeks, batting practice in 1 week, countdown to return to the lineup

There is a possibility that Park Chan-ho (28, KIA), the main shortstop of KIA and the candidate of Golden Glove in the KBO League shortstop category this year, will play faster than expected. Exactly when he will return to the starting lineup is undecided, but it has become more likely to expand the period originally expected.

Park Chan-ho conducted batting training outdoors ahead of the LG match scheduled to be held at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 19th. It was a simple batting drill, not a swing with 100% power swing. But this itself is a much faster return than expected. Park Chan-ho conducted light batting training indoors on the 18th, but the pain was not so great that he moved the stage to the outside on the 19th.

Kia manager Kim Jong-kook said of Park Chan-ho, “I think it got better faster than I thought. “I did batting training on the field, and I have a little pain, but I think I’ve improved a lot,” he explained. Coach Kim said, “I went to the field yesterday because I had an indoor batting training, but I heard there was no pain indoors.” I think it’s improving very quickly than I thought,” he said.

Manager Kim also said it was an unexpected recovery pace. Park Chan-ho expressed his enthusiasm that he could play again on this day, but coach Kim plans to dissuade him and make him wait for a substitute or a pinch runner in the second half of the game as he has done so far.

Still, that’s good to hear. This is because the recovery speed is much faster than originally expected. There is no problem with defense and running, but if it is not hit, he cannot return to the starting lineup. And it was predicted that it would take about three weeks to return to hitting.

For this reason, I was worried that in the worst case, I would be forced to start playing on the bench by the end of September. However, at this point, he can return to the starting lineup as early as this week or next week at the latest.

Park Chan-ho injured his left fourth finger while sliding headfirst to first base after hitting a ground ball to shortstop in the fifth inning against Samsung in Daegu on the 12th. The club is also dissuading head-first sliding, but it was an instinctive action. He was replaced immediately in the game due to pain, and as a result of a thorough examination in Gwangju on the 13th, he was determined that his finger ligament was damaged.

There was no problem with defense and running because it was a hand with gloves on. KIA, which judged that there was no better pinch-runner and big-time agent than Park Chan-ho in the team, left Park Chan-ho without expelling him from the first division. The idea was to put it in when needed in the second half of the game. In fact, Park Chan-ho played in the second half of the game against Doosan Bears in Gwangju on the 18th and adjusted his condition after playing for a long time. However, hitting is also recovering fast.메이저놀이터

Coach Kim said, “I want to play today as well. He says that if he taps a little more, there may be no more pain, but he thinks he will watch the situation carefully for now. Head coach Kim said, “I went to a large-scale expense yesterday as well, but I am thinking about a large-scale expense or a large-scale runner if I can do it today. He added that he wanted to play again today, but he said to wait only in the second half. However, he acknowledged his motivation, saying, “Park Chan-ho is also a friend who likes to lead the game, run, run, and defend, so I think he’s thinking a lot about going on the field.”

Park Chan-ho is expected to continue his batting training in the future and watch his condition. No matter how well you tap it, it’s a sensitive area. One foul can be a catalyst to make things worse again. There is a reason why head coach Kim is cautious about the player’s will. As he had batting training on the field on the 19th, there is a possibility that he will continue to train and watch the situation on the 20th. And if the pain disappears to some extent and he can hit, he is expected to return to the starting lineup.

Coach Kim said, “Defence and base running are possible. All Park Chan-ho needs to do is hit. Depending on how painful it is to hit, (when he returns to the starting lineup) will vary. I think taping will also vary a little depending on how you do it,” he said. As Choi Won-joon is about to join the Asian Games national team, Park Chan-ho can return to the starting lineup only this weekend.

Kim Tae-gun, the main catcher with an ankle sprain, is also improving. Coach Kim said, “I took a break yesterday because I thought I should take care of myself a little bit. Seung-taek will go out as a starter today, but he can go out in the second half. He said, “From tomorrow, I can start as a starter.” Lee Woo-sung’s condition has also improved a lot, and he is now able to play in a normal game.

Meanwhile, KIA eliminated Hwang Dong-ha from the first division entry on the 18th, which was disappointing due to poor performance against Doosan in Gwangju. Head coach Kim expressed his intention to add more as a starter in the future, saying, “We will match the rotation in 10 days.” Kim Ki-hoon was announced as a starter against Kiwoom in Gwangju on the 20th.

Ahead of the match against LG in Gwangju on the 19th, KIA made the batting order in the order of Choi Won-joon (center fielder), Kim Do-young (third baseman), Na Sung-bum (right fielder), Choi Hyung-woo (designated hitter), Kim Sun-bin (second baseman), Socrates (left fielder), Hwang Dae-in (first baseman), Han Seung-taek (catcher), and Kim Kyu-sung (shortstop). Yang Hyun-jong is the starting pitcher on the day. Yang Hyun-jong, who will make his 378th career start on this day, is set to set an all-time record, surpassing the previous KBO record of Song Jin-woo (377 games).

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