Pentakill hero ‘Fleta’ Min-woo Son “I shed tears because I was sorry for my mistakes in the beginning”

DRX’s ‘Fleta’ Min-woo Son, who contributed to the team’s complete victory by recording a penta-kill in the face of a tie in the Gwangdong Freecs (hereafter referred to as Guangdong), looked back on the difficult situation and expressed his determination for the second round.

On the 14th at the WDG eSports Studio in Jung-gu, Seoul, DRX defeated Guangdong with a set score of 2-0 in the 2nd day of the 2nd week of the 5th week of the ‘2023 LCK Challengers League’ Spring Split.

Commenting on the victory, “I am happy to finish the last game of the 1st round with a victory, and in the 2nd set, only my mistake caused a crisis from the front line, and there is a lot of regret. I want to say thank you to my teammates.” When asked how he prepared for the match against Guangdong, Son Min-woo said, “As the patch version changed, the tier of tank supporters went up and we talked about which champion to use. I also looked at what picks were used in the last game.”

Regarding the first set, which he won relatively easily, he explained the characteristics of the champion he used, saying, “Since the champion Sivir is weak in laning, it was important to start with a ban and come out as planned from the support pick.” He introduced the play strategy, saying, “I thought that clearing was fast and I wouldn’t be pushed back in normal hits even against the opponent Barus, so I focused on growth as much as possible.”

On the other hand, in the case of the 2nd set, where the ban pick was advantageous, but was involved in the opponent’s target from the beginning, “Aphelios had a 1-level longer range than Kalista, so I tried to create a push-off situation, but due to overdoing it, I failed to control the distance and the composition was ruined throughout the game. I looked back at the situation that gave the lead to the opponent. Then, he expressed regret by saying, “The more Kalista stacks the dragon stack, the more advantageous it is, but Jace’s forking, which should be at the center of the attack, didn’t work well as she gave up the stack too quickly.”

However, regarding the engagement in front of the lower main camp that overturned the game, Son Min-woo said, “There were many scenes where Aphelios used a gust of wind and attacked with a flame cannon while asking a lot of questions to players he was close with. If I hadn’t been conscious of that, I would have fallen right away, but the weapon was a flamethrower, so I paid attention to my position and to survive as much as possible, and as a result, I felt good that it led to my first pentakill after changing my position.” He continued, “Because it is a game with so many variables, I think that a player who responds quickly in any situation and takes a good position is a good player, so it seems that it was helpful for me to try to be like that.”

On the other hand, regarding the last moment when Jace hit the twin towers and the Nexus until the team members arrived by teleporting, “There was talk among the team members to demolish only the twin towers and fall out, but they said that the upper body and support would be enough, so they believed it and stayed there. Pushing ahead led to good results,” he said, and the reason for shedding tears after the game was, “I don’t like to cry, but today I was at a disadvantage because I couldn’t play in the lane, so I think I shed tears because I felt sorry.” and smiled wryly.

As for his feelings after finishing the first round, Min-woo Son said, “It was the first time we played a regular season in a stadium, so everyone was very nervous, but as we got used to it, we were able to finish the first round with more wins than losses.” As much as I am confident that I can do better, I will win all games and win the championship.” 온라인카지노

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