‘Press conference intrusion (?)’ Tottenham’s Brazilian club, the tension was ‘steamed’

On the afternoon of the 9th (local time), a group rushed to the press conference after the pre-press conference against Leicester City held at the Tottenham Hotspur Training Center ‘Hotspur Way’ located in Enfield, North London, England. He intruded (?) into the safe room.

He looked like a familiar face to domestic soccer fans, including Richarli Song, Emerson Royal and Lucas Moura.

Among the party who entered the press conference with Tottenham’s Brazilian trio was Iran Pereira (active name Rubade Pedreiro). He is a soccer influencer with more than 20 million Instagram followers and TikTok followers each. 슬롯사이트

Pereira, who recently came to Tottenham and filmed various contents such as Richarlison, visited the training ground that day, and infiltrated the press conference room while visiting.

Pereira held press conferences in the director’s chair, which was usually reserved for manager Antonio Conte. When one of the party members asked a question, they did a ‘comte’ to answer. Richarlison, Emerson, and Moura all laughed out loud.

Led by Pereira, Richarlisson eventually sat down and held a press conference. He could feel the ‘steamy tension’ unique to Brazilians, which instantly changed the surrounding air. As if this appearance was strange, local reporters also approached and took out their cell phones.

Meanwhile, ‘kind Richarli Song’ kindly signed autographs for the fans gathered in front of the training ground on the way home from work and took a selfie. Fans from Korea laughed, saying, “It was a pity that I couldn’t meet Son Heung-min, but I’m glad I got Richarli’s autograph.”

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