Seong Yu-jin vs. Hong Jeong-min in ‘peak condition’ big match in quarterfinals

Seong Yu-jin (23, Hahwa Q CELLS), who is in peak condition during the quarterfinals, and ‘defending champion’ Hong Jeong-min (21, CJ) face off head-on.

Sung Yu-jin and Hong Jung-min will pass through the quarterfinals side by side at the ‘KLPGA Tour 2023 Doosan Match Play Championship’ held at Ladena CC in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 20th, and fight for tickets to the final in the semi-finals.

Seong Yu-jin, winner of the Lotte Open last year, broke through the last group stage with a 3-game winning streak, then defeated Lim Hee-jung in the round of 16, and in the quarterfinals, faced Yoo Seo-yeon 2, making an early advance (6 & 5 wins) at the 13th hole.

Hong Jung-min, the winner of this tournament last year, lost in Bangshin, his first match in the group stage, but after that, he improved his shot and ran on a winning streak. In particular, as we enter the tournament, we are continuing our unstoppable progress from the round of 16 Ji Han-sol (4 & 2) to the quarter-final against Ahn Seon-joo (3 & 2 wins).

Seong Yu-jin, who finished the game first, said, “I have good memories from match play, so I worked harder to prepare for this tournament.” I think that kind of skill is the driving force behind good grades.”

In fact, Sung Yu-jin’s condition is not very good. This is because he has an injury to his left thumb. Nevertheless, Seong Yu-jin said, “I’m worried about injuries, but when I focus on the game, I forget the pain.”

Seong Yu-jin is also confident of facing the defending champion in the semifinals. Seong Yu-jin, who finished the quarterfinals first, said, “I think I have better momentum. There is no reason to be intimidated. Since I am a senior, I will play a good match with more experienced play.”

If the championship is confirmed in this tournament, two weeks later, he will participate in the Lotte Open as the defending champion. Seong Yu-jin showed courage, saying, “If that happens, it will be the best thing, but (the process to win) will not be smooth, so I want to become a player who makes the process rather than the result.”

Hong Jung-min, who came in later, said, “I say my performance was good today, but I couldn’t relax because I didn’t know when (Ahn) Seon-joo would come up. I’m happy that the finish went well.”

Hong Jung-min, who cited “put” as the reason why his performance is soaring after his first defeat (Bang Shin-sil), said, “It seems that the biorhythm goes up when the weather is warmer like now. Regarding “I’m greedy. And I’m getting that close. But it won’t be easy because it’s a face-to-face confrontation with rising players. Tomorrow, too, I’ll squeeze in the rest of my strength and play.” 카지노사이트

Hong Jung-min said that as one of the secrets to winning last year, he ate Samgyetang located near Ladena CC and gained strength. And again, the day before they confirmed passing the group stage, they energized themselves with Samgyetang. However, ahead of the final day, he laughed by saying, “I ate pork belly today because I ate yesterday.”

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