Shin Jin-seo advances to the semi-finals of the Ranker Cup with a dramatic reversal… Park Kun-ho is the first 4

Jinseo Shin (23), 9th Dan, the strongest player in the world in name and reality, advanced to the semifinals with a dramatic come-from-behind victory at the 1st Quzhou Ranker Cup World Baduk Open.

Park Kun-ho (25), 7th Dan, who participated together, reached the semifinals of a world competition for the first time in his life.

In the quarterfinals of the tournament held at the Quzhou Culture and Arts Center in Zhejiang Province, China on the 8th, Shin Jin-seo won a one-and-a-half victory over China’s strongman Li Wei-qing (23), 9th Dan, after a fierce battle with 302 moves.

With this, Shin Jin-seo took a step closer to the first championship in this tournament.

Shin Jin-seo struggled until the last minute, but it was a great power that produced a miraculous flip.

Shin Jin-seo suffered an unexpected loss in the riverside battle at the beginning of the match, and early on, Go was at a disadvantage.

In order to change the flow, Shin Jin-seo fought a dizzying fight by forcibly cutting the bag on the left side, but the gap widened further, and the artificial intelligence (AI) odds graph fell to single digits, and the defeat deepened.

Li Wei-qing, who kept the lead until the end, suddenly began to falter when victory became visible.

In particular, when Li Wei-qing’s loose numbers came out in the center, Shin Jin-seo did not miss the opportunity and immediately recovered the situation, and even won a gang fight with Woo Sang-gwi, resulting in a thrilling come-from-behind victory.

With this victory, Shin Jin-seo recently tied her record for most consecutive wins with 28 consecutive wins 카지노사이트.

Park Kun-ho, ranked 11th in the Korean rankings, won 100 dollars in 234 moves from China’s Wang Xing-hao (19), 7th Dan, and advanced to the semifinals of a world tournament for the first time in 8 years.

Park Gun-ho, who won his first world championship victory against China’s Chao Xiaoyang 5-dan in the round of 32 on the 5th, defeated China’s Sheer-hao, 9-dan, who was a world champion, in the round of 16, and defeated Wang Sing-hao, who is considered the next-generation prospect, to advance to the semifinals. rose to

Seong-Jun Ahn, 9P, who played together in the quarterfinals that day, was eliminated after being defeated by China’s Gu Zihao, 9P.

After the quarterfinals, Shin Jin-seo said, “Today’s match continued to be bad, but it seems that we won hard as Li Wei-qing made a mistake in the finish.”

Park Kun-ho, who reached the first semifinals of the world championship, said, “It seems like everything is a dream.”

The Lanke Cup semi-final, which will be held at the same place on the 9th, will be held between Shin Jin-seo and Tan Xiao (China), 9th Dan, and Park Gun-ho and Gu Zi-hao.

The prize money for the Ranker Cup winner is 1.8 million yuan (approximately 345 million won), and the runner-up prize is 600,000 yuan (approximately 115 million won).

Applying Chinese Go rules, the bonus is 7 and a half, and the time limit is 5 countdowns of 1 minute in 2 hours each.

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